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How edX is Transforming Online and Classroom Learning


Star twenty nine teen house pain a little bit crazy hasn't it which CS in Fatus back in January and February was all about MW eight immobile conference in Barcelona where five G and foldable phones domina at all the headlines, but here in March I wanted to try and get back to have take could make a real difference. So today, I invited at metro onto the podcast, and he's the president and chief operating officer at at X, which is essentially a nonprofit online learning platform backed by MIT and Harvard, so I'm fighting onto my daily tech podcast and Adam as passionate about the power of education and the impact it can have on today's if all technology landscape, and he also. Fascinating back story too. I mean in a former life he was the VP of global product at Tripadvisor and was one of the key. Members of the team that helped the company scale to a global publicly traded company with four hundred million monthly uses an overt one point five billion in annual revenue. So naturally on really looking forward to the swamp so book elope and hold on tight. So I can be more is all the way the Cambridge Massachusetts. So we can speak weighed at a metros president and chief operating officer at ethics. So massive warm. Welcome to the show. Can you tell them? They says about who you are. And what you do. Sure, I'm outta metros. I'm the chief operating officer in president here. An annex annex is trusted platform for learning. So we were founded in two thousand twelve by a Harvard MIT, we have twenty million people learning on the platform and one hundred and forty institutions building content on the platform and testing unlike the addicts is a huge nonprofit online learning platform bug by MIT and Harvard as well, but for our international audience, could you just help maybe set the scene and tell them not only will etiquette is. But also what you guys do differently. And what you stand for. And what you guys believe it. Yeah. What's great is that at x is actually being used by millions of international learners as well as learners in western countries, the United States seventy seven percent of our users come from outside of the US. And what we are as a platform that enables the best educators in the world, high quality education institutions, and and some industry partners who are exceptional educators. Well, like Microsoft to put university quality courses online and

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