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I will say this about the about the about the Grammys. It was long. I mean long it started at seven. And it ended at a quarter to eleven. Oh, yeah. That's yeah. That's really long. Yeah. And you the know you had your e. Red carpet, which I think started around noon. The get gets Seacrest out there. And there's you know, they're they're out there for three hours before the before the show so long. It was a long long night for all the people who were there. The overall. I mean, like I said earlier the Grammy's really is. Not like other award shows in that they're mostly concerned with the performances not so much, you know, the awards themselves. They only hand out a few awards during during the Grammy's mostly it's about. It's about the performances and there were there was a ton of performances on the on the show. Some were good some weren't. Like, I said for me the best performance of the night. With brandy Carlisle. Who I really like a lot. And I thought her I thought she gave the best performance. And and of course, you had you had your tributes there. Diana Ross turned seventy five and she did she did your basic Diana Ross over the top performance. And. Herger grants her grandson introduced her and he's nine and he's got like an incredible head of hair. He was he was real. He was really he was really very very funny this kid, and then there was a tribute to Dolly Parton, which was great because Dolly Parton. That's that's the one that. I I really wanna go back and watch. Yeah. It's it's you definitely should because. Between her and Cyrus working together. And then. Her singing the song called red shoes? I just you know, I mean, I love I love Dolly Parton. She's she's phenomenal. So but overall, I I mean, I did think it was way too long. And you know, they were cutting their speeches. Who people would get up there? And when they're when they're award, and then they were just like really blasting the music and cutting the speeches. Which at that point. It's like at this point man, the show is like four and a half hours long. But are we? What are you? What are you worried about the speeches for so? But yeah, I mean here are some of the winters are, you know, some of these winners are were surprising. I think. So like, for instance, record of the year went to this is America by childish Gambino, which I'm thrilled about because I love childish Gambino. But Donald Glover wasn't there. That was the that was the disappointing thing. It was like, you know, they want some major awards. One record of the year and run one song of the year. So those are two major major awards Donald Glover wasn't there. So this is America one song of the year at one record of the year album of the year went to golden hour by Casey muss graves. Who I was not very familiar with. But she's good. Best new artist went to do a leaper best solo pop solo performance went to JoAnne. Where do you think you're going by lady Gaga? Best pop duo or group performance went to shallow by lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper, by the way, lady Gaga's performance was weird. I mean, she's she is a bit of a weird. Performer in general. But. It was very intense and crazy. She was wearing a weird civil know like a glittery jumpsuit and making all kinds of weird faces and stuff, and I just was I was the little I was a little confounded by her by your performance. And I really liked the song. I mean, obviously shallows a terrific song. And it's probably going to win an Oscar and a couple of weeks for her. But yeah, she and Bradley Cooper got the got the award for best pop duo or group performance. Best pop album went to sweetener by our 'Grande, Ariana GRANDE day, best rock performance with when bad. Does goodbye. Chris cornell. Chris cornell. How did he have a backlog of of new material is that what the deal is? That's that's got to be. Yeah. What happened there? Yeah. Well deserved. Well. Yeah. Mean he was the best deserved. Best rock song went to miss education. By Saint Vincent. Best rock album from the fires by Greta van fleet. Best alternative music album was colors by Beck. Best R&_B performance best part by her. Best urban contemporary album. Everything is loved by the Carter's best Rb album her by her. Best rap performance. Kings, dead Kendrick Lamar. And bubbling, by Anderson pock, or pack Anderson pack. Best rap song to God's plan by Drake. Best rap album went to invasion of privacy by Cardi B. So I have a question for you. Would you truly consider Drake a rapper? Yeah. I just feel like he just talks over. Yeah. No. He's a rapper. He's a rapper has never. I just never hear wrapping when I compared to like, I get he's different in an hands down mad respect to him for being different standing out everything. I just compared to everything else that's out there. I just never think. It's. And he's Canadian. Oh, wow. So best music video went to this is America, childish Gambino, man. Donald Glover, man. Yeah. When in some serious stuff that video rules. It was awesome. Yeah. Or the song is amazing to chose Gambino. Hey, you know, weird Al yankovic wanna wanna Grammy? That's that's too now for squeeze box the complete works of weird Al yankovic, which is best boxed or special limited edition package. So at one for the packaging. Yeah. I like that. Yankovic? What was it was it last year was the first time you want one? Two years who years ago, but it, but it took that long. Yeah. How did how did weird Al not? How did he not have a granny? I have no idea. How does he have a room full of Grammy's? So I don't know. You know, you know, they get so many weird categories. This is the thing about the Grammys is that there's like seven thousand awards they only hand out about six of them on the show, but there's like a million awards here. Best compilation soundtrack for visual media. What that went to the greatest showman. Best soundtrack for visual media, Black Panther. That one has my vote, but I'm a marvel fan. Yeah. You know, the music the music for Black Panthers. Great. I think you know, what for all those marvel movies? The scores have been awesome. Yeah. Just really outstanding. Let's see best country song went to space cowboy Casey muss graves. I'm assuming that's not the. It's not the Steve Miller song. I would I would imagine. Best traditional pop vocal album. My way by Willie Nelson. Best country duo group performance. Dan shea with tequila. So the the those guys performed those guys performed last night. Did they? Yeah. And I don't even know. I like, here's here's another thing. Whenever I watched the Grammys or or like music awards and stuff, especially the MTV, which I don't even try to watch anymore. The MTV video music awards because I feel like I'm one hundred and six years old. I have no idea who anybody is. Like when I was watching. I was watching the Grammy's last night. I'm like, I have no idea that is I've never heard this song before in my life. Deli part partner, Diana Ross word Sam smokey Robinson. I knew that. But yeah, you know, a lot of a lot of the stuff. That's like, you know, younger. I don't I dunno. Shawn Mendez guy. He was okay. He performed I believe he performed again. I think that was also with Miley Cyrus. Yeah. It was that was what Miley Cyrus to. She was all over the place last night. I try to be as open minded as possible. But I just do. I just like for the most part. I just kind of sit on my couch, and I don't I don't recognize anybody. I don't know who these people are so three one two nine eight one seven two hundred is the phone number if you'd like to to join us. If you watched what did you think what did you guys think of the the ceremony? What did you guys think of? Of the performances because there were a lot of performances. Let's see best is ain't got bluegrass. You've got traditional blues guy won the blues is alive. And well. Best spoken word album. Jimmy Carter Jimmy Carter got himself a Grammy. Best music film. How is that? When did that become a category? I don't know. But I like it best music film. And I don't see. Wait a minute. I feel like Bowie's Quincy. From Quincy jumps before before. I heard that. I just would have gone with bohemian rhapsody. But yeah. Say. So. Yeah. And then also last night were the Bastas. Those are the British film awards. They were handed out as well at the same time. But I ended up watching the Grammys ex. I basically forgotten that the Baptist were. We're we're being handed out. That's why Bradley Cooper wasn't at the Grammys. Someone lady Gaga got up to to accept their award for their group or

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