'Shake, Rattle and Roll' Your Way to the Delta Music Museum


If you love the wonderful music of the deep south in this museum was made just for you. The delta music museum was born out of the ferry museum. Originally, we had our original inductees the famous three cousins Jerry Lewis, Nikki Haley, Jimmy Swaggart. And we waited for who is known or his trombone playing blues music Hayes houses magnesium, it was called the chitlins circuit in many of the African Americans at traveled before segregation before desegregation. They they had limited venues where like play so been out was known as one of the venues people like maybe king and Tina Turner and Thomas and many more when they travel they came to hey, big house. One of our latest inductees Wasi Ely was part of one of the house Baynes during the sixties that were there. We have a lot of different types of music represented here, we have of course, blues. Country and Jerry Lee's music was rockabilly in the nineteen fifties. Tony Joe why we refer to his music is. Have jazz found we have Seoul air nettle Thomas. We have almost every genre of using that's out there.

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