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Shawn fantasy editor in chief of the ringer. And this is the big picture a conversation show at least for the time being about the marvel cinematic universe. I am joined today by your friendly neighborhood, film critic and ringer contributor, Adam name and Adam Hello, how are you? Hey, how're you doing Adam? You are friendly and neighborly because we are here to talk about a movie called Spiderman colon homecoming. This is a latter stages. MC you entrant and unlikely one largely because for the longest time Spiderman was just not a part of the new and when this movie happened. It was a surprise to many in the fact that he was integrated so effectively into this universe. Makes it kind of a fun movie to talk about because it fits into the big picture and a lot of the things we've been discussing throughout this marvel month, but it's also just a hell of a fund standalone movie when I reached out to you a couple of weeks ago about participating in this project. This is the movie you chose. And I thought that was so interesting, and you never told me why. So why do you want to talk about homecoming? I thought it'd be just really good and confusing to talk about homecoming in the shed. Oh of the other pop cultural product called homecoming true came out this week. I thought that'd be really fun. I thought we were talking about beyond say, no this is perfect for SEO. This is great. No. I mean, I I like talking about this film because I think it's a strong one. I wrote about it for the ringer when it came out and thought that everything you said about it sort of returning Spiderman to the intellectual property fold with something that it kind of allies itself in a very clever way, the whole movie is sort of almost about like Spiderman trying out for the marvel cinematic universe and trying out for the adventures and trying out for the audience, and it it has that self reflexive quality at it's not obnoxious. Like most of the time. It's quite clever. I sort of thought there was something about it. I mean, all the marvel movies even tell me what you think of this there. They have to have all these surface differences and all these surface, peculiarities nudity secrecy, but underneath they have to lock together like a puzzle or voltron like you can't really make one different. And so this one. Kind of has the friendly neighborhood surface on the outsider surface in the underdog surface. And I found that all like, very charming and pleasant, and then the fact that it really is just a piece of product that locks together to the rest of them in this case didn't bug me. The way that it may be bugs me with some of the other ones. Yeah. Even just revisiting it this week. I found myself surprised that should Tari alien technology was a significant part of this movie. Which is of course, if int- part of this MC, you and everything that we've been talking about because the first time I saw it. I felt like I could have been any old alien technology could have been from an Amblin movie in nineteen eighty seven. You know what I mean? Yeah. And you know, you don't really actually need Robert Downey junior there. There's pleasure in having Tony stark there, and Jon Favreau, kind of babysitting him, and, you know, the the the parallels that has the first ironman movie because it becomes a very different kind of origin story. Like thank God. It's not a Spiderman origin like he's bit by spider. And there's and there's all that stuff. But it. About him like becoming an official superhero. Right. And there's all kinds of scenes that parallel the way that same story is told in ironman right up to the ending being kind of a parody of iron man announcing himself to the world, whereas, you know, here Peter chooses not to you don't need all that stuff. But and then the Qatari technology. You're right. It could be anything. But I like movie that simultaneously stands alone. And has these bits of connected to the larger story, and I find the way it connects larger story in some ways really witty like the cell phone footage of the big civil war fight. Yes. That's really funny. It's clever. I

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