President Trump, Vice President, Mike Pence discussed on Bill Cunningham


Carter SKI ABC NEWS New York Means I'm a House resolution calling on Vice President Mike Pence to in vote Constitutional Authority to remove president Trump from office has been blocked by Republicans. Majority Democrats are accusing the president of incitement of insurrection over the deadly riot at the U. S Capitol. The impeachment process could be beginning soon. Also, there is a push to expel lawmakers accused Stoking the crowd before the violence broke out now the latest traffic and weather together North bound 75 down at the moment from the UC, Help fix anything you see Health weight loss center. Awful solution for life tweeting a lot. You see? Health dot com slash Wait law that step. It's an overturned vehicle that has the highway down the North bound 75 approaching orchard, Charles. And then if you're sitting on the highway On the Kentucky side. That's why you backed up into the cutting the hill. Um your best bet would be to least get off onto four Washington way and head up 71 if you make it that far right now, there's an accident. Winton wrote it only where vehicles pole and it's blocking the road and an accident on Blend Way Avenue near federal Prize. Emerald William, whose radio 700 wlw now the latest forecast from the advanced industry. Weather Center. Advanced industry would like to say thanks. It's an honor to serve our community during this time and always visit no fear, Dennis Don Kam move out, giving us mostly sunny conditions before sunset Today are Hinds up a.

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