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Near some of the busiest freeways in Los Angeles got some extra time to stay put from a federal judge but barring an appeal their days are numbered it's a victory for the alliance for human rights the incident both LA city and county saying that they both needed to use taxpayer money which they've been collecting to set up new housing safe housing for people who've been living under and near LA's busiest freeways underneath the bridges in tent cities you got three weeks to cut it so that your plan he wants regular status reports the turning Elizabeth Mitchell says the federal judge overseeing this case is given both the city and the county until September first to have the job done shelters that and then the freeway you could be cleared out it's likely that the relocation of these tent cities will happen before September first in order to meet the deadline of having the job complete by then Craig Fichtner can extend seventy newsradio a southern Californians head back to work some people might get the idea we've beaten this virus but it is still out there it's really hard to stop viruses Dr Joseph Ladapo associate professor at UCLA's David Geffen school of medicine it's good to take precautions but it's also important to be realistic about the fact that you know that some people were going to test positive for Kobe and you need to prepare for that he says as places of business open back up people need to be extra vigilant on social distancing and face masks and keep in mind risk factors people who are younger you know really under fifty or so and healthy it's very very low risk but don't get the idea that corona viruses gone rob archer que in next ten seventy newsradio bill Republican National Committee and other Republican groups have filed a lawsuit against governor Gavin Newsom over his executive order to mail ballots to all voters ahead of the twenty twenty general election in November attorney Harmeet Dhillon with the Dylan law group is representing the R. N. C. she tells KNX the governor overstepped his authority the fact that the governor did this unilaterally violated two clauses of the United States constitution which both require that a state legislature set the time place and manner of elections and not the governor the governor and the secretary general pledged major so that's one issue they also claim that millions of inactive voters across the state will be mailed ballots increasing the possibility of fraud but Loyola law professor Jessica Levinson says the idea of voter fraud has never really been proven we just know that that's not the case so voter fraud is largely a mess have there been problems with voting in the past absolutely but if you look at any real study the evidence indicates the pro by mail is very sick in a statement the governor's office says California will continue to defend the Californians right to vote in a safe secure and accessible manner working out of a house these days well you can still listen to K. and X. just stream us on your smart speaker by saying Alexa play KNX ten seventy you can hear is on your laptop to that's it can extend seventy dot com at this important time we are everywhere that you are it's twelve twenty let's check money news here's Tom Busby has more bars taprooms and wineries reopen you may need more than just your ID to get in and have a drink because of social distancing requirements a lot of places have teamed up with the restaurant reservation service OpenTable tiki bar patrons and staff safe work started to work with them first of all there's a lot of responsiveness and they they very much got their poll on the situation what you're exactly what we need at this point that's J. Hunsberger manager of the on guard winery in Sonoma county California and he says limiting crowds by taking reservations for the.

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