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M. i. e., which is. The MASERATI information exchange really maserati enthusiasts know that as the parts and restoration Mecca for these great cars back in the day. But you've done more than that the founder of Concourse Italia No to me it's the best con corker event in the world. You're also the founder of Car Guy Tour. Italian, we'll talk about that last episode we talked about all things Maserati but this time, let's broaden the conversation a little bit talk about the place where talion car history, and some of the best food is made. You told us about your first trip to Italy and your. First encounter with a Maserati what happened after you made that first maserati discovery purchased a Maserati, thirty, five, hundred gt immediately broke, and then I spent a year finding parts and that's when I decided to found this club together with my wife and that brought us into the mid seventies we called Mr Shell Cavalier in San Francisco and introduced ourselves as as Righty Club. He at the time was in with. Mr. Di Tomasso owing Mr. Volley had the western rights to distribute Maserati and import them in. So Shell Cavalli cleared the way for us to go to the. Factory in Italy in February of seventy eight, this would have been my second time in motor with a visit to the factory and to meet Mr de Tomasa who is now the new owner of Miserotti. We landed at the Lanark Day airport and we were met at the airport with a driver and a brand new Kyle Lami. That's a rare Maserati most people in America don't know what that is because it was never brought over here. It was never imported into the US. They didn't make that many of them I. Don't think they made more than one hundred but. It was a car derived from the loss champ, which was Di Tomasso two door car that was sent to fruit and fresh and up Tom. Charter, did the launch APP de Moscow took the launch amp and send it over to fruit and senior fruit fresh belong champion the. was derived from that design and the. Of course was named for the famous race track in South Africa where Peter. Rodriguez success in the Cooper Maserati v Twelve. So they named their cars after race tracks and after wins typically with the exception of the Merrick Romano Corgi medicine at the airport he was our driver to take us down to the factory and of course, or nine hours of jet lag landing in Italy, and we get in this economy and this guy is going one hundred and twenty five miles an hour down the Estrada back. Then they really didn't have any speed limits and he's holding a right. Up Behind somebody of three feet from the rear bumper and they would drift over to the right and he would go pass them. It was an amazing experience writing with this test driver and what we've come to find out was a serious engineer from the experimental. Department who worked on a lot of the racing cars and was involved in testing the birdcage and newest cars that they were experimenting with at the time of course, would have been to be Turbo Maserati oil instead of bluntness veins. From that moment, we met he and I had become good friends even today when. I go to motor now usually run into him in the Piazza I'll give them a call and we'll meet for a coffee. So we arrived at the canal around the hotel and we checked in and Mr Daviau had made arrangements for all expenses paid to are pleasant surprise when a class act, we get a call from the front desk and they say Mr Deeds Tomasso requests you have dinner with them downstairs at seven thirty and we said, okay again, we're all jetlagged out. So we arrive downstairs in the restaurant and there is Mr Tomas O., his wife Isabella his son. Santiago and one of Santiago Sprint Santiago was I think about nineteen at the time member I'm like thirty, four, thirty two, not very old, and so we're sitting at this round horseshoe style booth that was his favorite booth and were sitting there, and we meet the niceties exchange and we're starting to have dinner, and we're talking about Maserati I bring up the Ghibli and how beautiful the give was and he said, yes, I designed it I made the mistake of saying well, I'm sorry but I understand it is generally Jaro designed it and he said adamantly, no, I designed it. By Force? Pushed back. Maybe one more time and said, well, I'm pretty sure it was designed by John. Aurora we Kinda got off a little bit of a bad start there. That's Caesar. Rewriting history isn't it? Since then I've come to learn whenever you speak to any Italian about a car if they were anywhere near the car they designed or they engineered it. You talked to Moscow he did all the engineering on the cars. If you talked to Giulio out fieri, he designed it he engineered it they all Kinda claim credit for the car no matter how small the portion they are involved in it. So every morning, that'd be a new driver to come pick us up. We really got the five-star treatment that was thanks to Mr Cavalli every morning driver would be waiting for us. So they bring us in our room and they say your drivers ready and so we'd come downstairs and it'd be a driver there and he would take over to the factory. We'd spent some time at the factory and The next morning, the driver came down and take over to some restoration shops and some of the places and take us to a shoe shop. I don't know what they're thinking. But one morning he said your drivers there and we came downstairs and we well, where's the driver and he says it's Mr. Toki over there I looked over there and it was actually guerrino. Toki. The man that was without fury Maserati in one thousand, nine, hundred, fourteen, one, thousand, nine, hundred, twenty, six, he had to be one hundred years old he was like at least seventy, five years old but boy, could he drive? He couldn't speak any English so Ronald C. C C and we got into a law champ in green over talkie drove my wife and I out to the D. Tomasso factory. So guerrino Pataki tears off down via cannot `Grande doing bud seventy miles an hour. It's just frightening ride and then he turns left on Via Amelia, any cranks it up meanwhile he's turning around talking to me in the backseat. My wife is in the front seat in the back seat he's turning around talking to me and Italian going Blah Blah Blah I mean the guy was an excellent driver so we cannot to Moscow my wife and I are white drenched in sweat scared to death it was a harrowing. Drive so that was that day and that went entre three or four days, and then we finally left and went off to Taran in interim we went of course over to meet Mr Genero at a design he had been expecting us and we talked with him and whatnot and I was asking him through his interpreter. He doesn't speak English I told them my Maserati Club, and at the time I had a Maserati Bora course he designed them as ready and he gave me a lithograph of the Maserati Bora, which was very nice when he signed it, I haven't up on my wall here behind me and it says to my fiend misspelled friend. Mr Jaro you don't need to know how to spell. You just need to know how to draw cars. I guess when he left for Tony went to found a towel design as I guard for his own company. I. Guess was the Bit Sereni Manta that wild three. Cedar which he made one. He's a great guy with a tremendous sense of humor in one of his claims to fame is these are. Very good at naming cars. That's interesting because designer usually doesn't get to name as creation golf. GTI. was his name. The Viper was his name. It goes on and on and on. You explain to me about all the names that he came up with an he named all those cars. That's fantastic. Now, did you tell him that you were sorry to learn that he wasn't the designer of the original Maserati Ghibli? No I didn't. So we got around to talking about Froua because I also had a mistral spyder through is a very important designer for me. I really liked the work that he did some of the prettiest cars they're so clean and so elegant. So understated I ended up having three or four maybe five of his prototype cars. So he said no problem. So his nephew Giuliani Molinari who spoke very good. English and he was in charge of PR at the time. Guiliani took us over to Mr Fluid. Studio in his little mini Cooper and there's my wife and I in his little mini cub. Ernie I'm not a small guy and in many cooper and we're driving across town. Giuliani, took us over to his office and through his wife Gina, was the receptionist. So we come in and Giuliani rattles off some Italian. By Senior Mandarin Mississippi ornamental. Mr Pruitt. He wasn't there. So she sit on delighted he says whether big fans of yours and Blah Blah Blah he left. So there's Janet is sitting Mr Fluids Office waiting for the Big Guy to return and he was big. It was very rotund Mr through didn't shy away from a good bowl of pasta through arise and he doesn't speak in English any we shake ads and niceties e takes us into his studio and he walks us around shows us he's drawings and I remember those. A drawing of a Rolls Royce like a one fifth scale or one and a half scale up on his drawing board that he was working on at the time and he had lots of things around when Mr Fluid died his wife Jeanette gave.

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