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I'm mariam. So twenty six degrees in Chicago under fair skies, going down to a low of thirteen degrees in some of the surrounding suburbs. Twenty degrees for the low at the lakefront be complete AccuWeather five-day forecast is coming up. But first our top local story on NewsRadio WBZ 'em. You may have just heard this on the CBS news update a thirteen year old Barron. Wisconsin girl who went missing October fifteenth after her parents were murdered has been found alive. Barron county sheriff Chris Gerald made a post on Facebook last night that Jamie clause has been located in Douglas county in far northwest, Wisconsin. A suspect has been taken into custody at a press conference is scheduled for later this morning, Cook County board president and mayoral candidate. Tony. Winkle released a campaign commercial yesterday that attacks city leadership for hiding facts when it comes to the shooting death of seventeen year old aquatic, Donald I release. The autopsy report that helped expose their lies. And I demanded that the police chief be fired. I work to elect a new state's attorney. When I mayor they'll be no cover ups only accountability mayoral candidate. And former police superintendent Garry McCarthy who was fired amid outrage in the case says preckwinkle is focusing on McDonald to distract from her ties to embattled alderman at Burke to Latino challengers who want alderman Ed Edberg's job are using a new tactic to try to oust him WVU. Keith Johnson reports. Challenger Jose Torres says he is dropping out of the automatic race in the fourteenth ward, and it will support civil engineer Tanya Patino against Burke with criminal charges against Burke is critics think he's vulnerable because the fourteenth ward is changed demographically majority Latino population Burke denies any wrongdoing and is moving ahead with reelection plans. Heath Johnson, NewsRadio one zero five point nine FM that crash.

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