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I'm just so excited to be here. Thinking. When did you meet a Courtney for years on my God, we go way all the way back? We met junior year of high school of fashion field trip. Like, I like gave up a credit bust my ass, according to high school and actually drove a minivan and took this fashion class that was like, very bootleg. But it got us here. We're kind of school is this a fashion class. It was like a magnet class. It was. So there were so many there's twenty six high schools in this northern Virginia county, and so some of them had specially like classes, essentially could like do you could take Korean or you could take like hotel management or you can take like fashion design. So it was like if you had an idea of what you wanted to do what you wanted to major in you could give up an elective and like use that time to drive across county to thank another class, and you're a fashion designer now, I am. So it worked out for like a few of a slim on what's out there today. Oh, I'm interesting. That's a real question. Right. Just hold something out of his ass. And you're like, let me take this. To act like I'm talking about. Keep getting paid. What do you specifically designed? So I designed menswear. So that's where my head's going. And honestly the nineties are very hot right now. So you're not everything's been like skinny jeans and like, very Taylor and stuff. So like things are kind of getting bigger looser fit, which I appreciate because honestly, it's bulking season. You know, I'm talking about my low. So it's various news when he hears that tone. He has to go. Hello. We're already five, and that's very much the call respondent. I like, no. So yeah, it's kind of getting like Lucerne like brighter to color blocking coming back and logo all that kind of crazy shit. We saw now the late nineties, and I love ninety nine it's like seventies. Plus like a little more comfort. Exactly, sure. But like breathable fabrics and a little edgy me. So with all of that fashion. Knowledge, you're wearing a sweatshirt help me understand. It's just comfy cash. I'm trying to give this like noodles color palette. I don't know. This is like it's like a blush peanut butter. I see what you know words. A sweatshirt is fact exactly as long as you like. Swayne for those listening..

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