Speights discussed on How Did This Get Made? - 169 The Garbage Pail Kids Movie: LIVE! (w/ Jon Lovett)


Five stars like i would not want my children to be taught by this person by 80s lady by 80s later also by the way if my kids are like miss 80s lady said that i have homework i'd be like she shouldn't be calling yourself ms lady i know i know we're wrapping up and i do want to wrap up but i just want to ask the audience only because sometimes getting no stuff that we don't know have we missed what is the origin of them oh okay okay just stop been just talked to your moment has come here we go all the money and your name to garbage pail them marvin ben against great so the origin sorry for the garbage pail kids is as a party of the code has hit the catch has kids come from you cabbages negro out of it the garbage pail kids come from it a garbage cans spaceship which is why it's in the beginning late however at the time out garbage can spatially shipped that is why in the limit in speights carvey i don't understand the reason for that one i can answer that question from a planet of garbage but just like the cabbage patch kids from a planet of cabbage i don't think so so the cabot catch p cabbage patch kids grow out of cabbages right the garbage pail kids come from the moves that spilled out of this space trash care why then anything about them more who emphasized that.

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