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All right now. I don't know about you. But if i had a choice that twenty twenty could be over or i could spend three weeks on the rack bed of nails. I don't know what i choose. Which one is worse. Twenty twenty just coming to a natural end or me on a bed of nails. Now i know a lot of my detractors might say we might be good to have glenn on a bed of nails but it's my new year. Resetting not yours. It's it's been an exhausting year hasn't it. Can you believe it's the first time i heard about covid in butts wanna well. What was the name of that city in wuhan china. That's what i said but swan okay. Yeah wuhan the wonderful vacation destination capital of the world really is the i mean who doesn't wanna go there and have bats so it was christmas. It was over the christmas vacation. I think december like tenth or seventeenth was the first time it broke. I heard it around christmas. Maybe the twentieth two thousand four something like that and i just rolled my eyes. And i'm like what people stop eating bats. Can we stop selling them in these open markets. Notice nobody's talking about open markets anymore. I wonder why but it was a year ago this ten months since we shut everything down and we said two weeks. You know we could bay. Let's pull together. Still toe aches and he said well maybe another two weeks okay. Well i don't like that as much. Okay thought after those two weeks. I don't know my be. let's get through. Let's get through spring and into summit because then it'll probably okay. We'll do that in the summer. Well we want to keep it up because it's gotta go back to school and not sure and then in august kids aren't going back to school. Looks like we're getting into the flu season. When does this stop more importantly the people that we talked about yesterday the small business person. They're being destroyed and they're being destroyed. I believe intentionally. Then what. I learned from talking to these three entrepreneurs. Yesterday is until they hurt each other's voices. They felt pretty alone until they until they had someone like me. I mean that's how bad things are like me to talk to them. So they could have america here their plight. They didn't think anybody cared. How easily how easily we fall into lies. We raised almost two hundred thousand dollars from an hour yesterday for these small businesses. And i can't thank you enough for being so generous you can still go to glennbeck dot com go fund me page. If you'd like to donate. But i have to tell you yesterday. I heard it when i when i was talking to the last entrepreneur up in boston and he said i can't believe that the guy you had on california he has it right he was saying the same thing. And here's two cities to different states. Different as far away as you can get where all feeling the same way. i think. There's a survey they just come out that asks americans about their experiences with twenty twenty. It's not going to come as a surprise to you. Seventy seven percent agree. Twenty twenty cent the us into crisis but crisis over its identity. Isn't that interesting. It's not a crisis just of covid. It's a crisis of identity. We don't know who we are anymore. Sad but true baby boomers are the most likely to agree with that. Statement with eighty two compared to seventy six percent of generation x. seventy five percent of millennial respondents but as we're dealing with these issues sixty five percent of respondents. Say they feel like they've had their own personal crisis at least at some point during this year sixty eight percent darn near seventy percent of this country say this year has left them now feeling defeated. That's not a good place to be because we are what we think we are. That's why we're having a crisis of identity because we've always thought we're americans we get the job done we're entrepreneurs would kick ass now. We don't know. Let me tell you something. We're americans we don't like leashes. We don't like fences. We don't like being told what to do. We go in and we kick ass and we get the job done not because we have some grand ruler. But because that's who we are. We tell you a story. It's winter seventeen seventy seven. It's an unusually harsh winter. British forces had just captured the united states capitol in philadelphia. George washington and his men tried but they couldn't retake the city. Eleven thousand of the survivors. He took them with no shoes feet wrapped in rags to just outside of the city. It's long way seems really close if you're driving but if you don't have the highway valley forge is a long walk especially without shoes in. The snow was december nineteenth that the continental army and george washington would change the course of history and reverse the course of the war which was not going well for america. He ordered his men build would huts. You need shelter. We're going to stay here for the long winter months. He had hoped that his brave patriots with one heart and one mind would overcome the tribulation. That was ahead them but they couldn't. It's not going well. The last chris the last christmas many of them had spent crossing the icy waters of the delaware. This christmas they all were afraid. They would starve to death before anything could happen. Congress didn't care about the conditions at valley forge or thought. That washington was exaggerating. Either way they didn't do anything. The men along with five hundred women and children who were company them in the snow. All malnourished battle-weary discouraged feeling betrayed by.

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