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The rams a game and i'm not sure and the other three instances where the are going to get much of a game because i picked off or home teams a lot of people did but i think i'm i'm wondering even though we haven't seen the falcons look like last year's falcons really all year and and clearly ofensive leave they've they've just been missing something in terms of rhythm and and and how creative their play calling was last year and a lot of people still thinks these are key is in the new offensive coordinator comes down to his fit with matt ryan but there is a certain pressure off now in that they did not you know completely disappear the year after super bowl loss and go into fetal position they they did win ten they got in in the top this division and football the nfc south maybe maybe there's some pressure released and they can go back and and and play their best right now on the other hand that's a really confident rams team with a lot of ways to be you um n high scoring offense i can't see atlanta really matching points unless unless the rams come out and look like a first time playoff team and and and get all it by the stage but i don't expect uh i think it'll be fun and those is it goes to the fourth quarter uh and it's tight uh pretty good drama because you've got the veteran team miami i'm sorry atlanta with matt ryan and uh you know and and la looking at a first round knockout and seeing how they react to that kind of pressure so i think when don't forget the rams have this kicker who's not been proven thicken and you could see if it matt brian versus in into make a key kick i'll take my brian so there's another potential achilles for the rams one we make of the giants coaching situation and their quarterback situation well i mean i think you're going to draft the guy is far as the quarterback and then asky lights it'd be the bridge quarterback like you i like uh kurt warner wasn't 04 four with him um i thought that made sense even before the drama with makah do and and and everything then went down in november but um coaching yeah.

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