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County D a George Gascon says during his 1st 100 days in office. He's been doing what the people elected him to do, Gascon says. Just just reforms been the core of his administration's I took office. I have instituted a seriously. Works based on data and science. The will enhance the safety or our community while reducing racial disparities and the misuse of incarceration. He says He's no longer seeking the death penalty in 17 active cases and withdrawing 77 pending motions to charge juveniles as adults. A doctor also spoke. Who says gas cones initiatives are better for young adults than incarceration. Steve Gregory King. If I knew this report brought you by coming dental group, the owners of a restaurant in Burbank continue to divide a court order to close for violating health orders. A judge order Tin horn flats to be padlocked, But the owners removed the doors and say they'll continue to operate. The business has already lost its health permit and business license. The power was shut off last week by Burbank water and power, but the owners brought in a generator. Long time now retired lawmaker in New York says he supports the governor Andrew Cuomo, who's facing several sexual misconduct allegations. Charles Rangel says due process is key when people start piling up on you and you're trying to figure out is this the same country that says you could make any allegation that you want to make. New York's Assembly has hired a law firm to leave the impeachment investigation into Cuomo, One of the lawyers was part of a team investigating Russia's interference in the 2016 presidential election and part of the prosecution of former Trump campaign. Hello. Thank you. Would be prosecution of former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort. Police say a wanted man from Texas has been arrested for having weapons knew the future home of Vice President Harrison D. C. Metropolitan Police Department says the man was detained by Secret Service agents about noon after they got information about the man from police in Texas. Officials say the man had a rifle, a large amount of ammo and several gun clips in his car. It's looking a.

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