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Native to reach out visiting with Dolly walls relatives including his wife and children Harris County sheriff ed Gonzalez spoke with fox TV affiliate K. R. I. B. in Houston after qureia's visit amongst the sadness and tragedy that we felt this is the first time that I actually saw a smile on their faces nanopore Tano fox news. more than half a million dollars has been raised for his family right now the candlelight vigil is still happening at Harris County deputy daring go forth park bond is being denied for the suspect accused in the shooting death of deputy Dhaliwal a judge made the decision today during Roberts leases court appearance on capital murder charges Harris County prosecutors say so least shot Dhaliwal to death during a traffic stop last Friday they also say there is dash cam video at the killing prosecutors are expected to pursue the death penalty Rudy Giuliani is being subpoenaed by a trio of house committees and the growing impeachment inquiry into president trump the former New York City mayor is the personal attorney after president trump's and is being investigated for pressuring Ukraine to investigate former vice president Joe Biden and his son hunter president trump did the same thing during a recent phone call with Ukraine's president three house committees one Giuliani to produce documents related to his efforts with Ukraine it's eight oh three former Arizona Republican senator Jeff flake is telling his party not to support president trump second bed at the White House the army has been offering cash for recruits willing to serve in the infantry army recruits shipping out for training this month may have signed up under a program that offered up to a forty thousand dollar bonus for grunts depending on skills and then listen and commitment it was part of an effort by the army the full hundred to training seized by the end of the fiscal year after recruiting efforts fell short last year the army's been aiming to build a force of five hundred thousand within the next decade or so in Washington Rachel Sutherland fox is over is reportedly testing out an audio recording feature that will allow users to report their driver if they ever feel unsafe developer Jane Huang tweeted the tubers testing a tool called record audio to use of someone who feels uncomfortable with the ride in a beta test version of the uber app they feature appeared in the St you tell that section which allows users to share their trip status with. million friends report issues and contact the police the ride sharing companies not confirmed if they're testing the feature but Wong is known for reverse engineering apps and was one of the first to discover that Instagram was testing out hiding likes. that is Lisa Carter reporting news on demand it ceteris dot com no more more of the mark Levin show I'm Marjorie Martin on Houston's news weather and traffic station newsradio seven forty K. Terry each. something extraordinary has happened to Judy Sizemore's close it making it feel more like a closet. an area that once because claustrophobia now has enough space to hold all the beauty striped boat neck sweaters and Judy size more has a lot of strength right now what. the.

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