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They're finally starting to, you know, find their groove in the season. I agree. And you know what going against that Northwestern team whose blue collar and Ohio State went in there? I want to say a little bit flat taking for granted that it's Northwestern and their offense not really prolific at all. But they're linebacking corps is good is there is In the country across the board there with Patty Fisher and Gallagher and Bergen and those guys, I mean, they're they're tough, just like the old man just like Fitzgerald, man. I mean, I'm telling you, that's one thing that comes together with Northwestern over the last several years. Is there linebacking corps is going to be stout. And so I think that was a good test for fields in the guy's toe where they're like men. We better not take anybody for granted. They were looking ahead. Maybe it getting a crackhead Clemson. It worked out that way. And man, I'm pleasantly pleased, especially when you get in the hole. Seven. Nothing and people that back clubs and right away or like, all right, it's over. It's done. Yeah, and boy Justin Fields became that guy that all those that recruited him thought that he could be. It's certainly and you know, wasn't anything fluky Casey. It's our last day was plus four turnovers or something like that against Clinton. It was legitimate Al, Gain them by a couple 100 yards, even clubs and was using when teams are behind big. You see them catch up because they're throwing a deep. I mean, Ohio State with clues Period team at the first 10 minutes of that game, and another thing that I'd like to bring up. I mean, I guess that Northwestern defense I mean servant had no problems. 300 plus yards rushing and again, Alabama defensively leaves a little bit of be desired. And you know you go back to the Florida game. Lord. It was undisciplined on the defense, you know, had a couple of post snap penalties where they were going to be off the field and Alabama's gonna point. And those penalties extended Alabama drives And on top of that, that you go back to that s E C championship importer had that interception and on the return, they fumble it. I mean, if those two or three drives don't happen for this perfectly came all beating Alabama out, right? And I think Ohio State's better coached in Florida and actually has better talent level than the Gator. So you know for everyone thinking that Ohio State doesn't have a chance here. I just I get some kind of on the out. Liar here on an island now you know, I'm with you on that island. I already played Ohio State and It's 8.5 now, So that's the last question for those listening. I won't be running the window. Wait a little bit because the news is gonna come out on this Ohio State. Covert thing and, well, let's just wait and see how bad it is. I mean, right now, it looks like to defensive line starters. But wait, and I think the public said overreact on Monday. As long as it's not too bad, I think you might. You might be able to get a good number, and we'll have to be worthy of that half now. Can you get a 10 by Monday? Yeah, I don't see it, man. I can't believe it will go to 10. I think you might be able to get nine or so. But I maybe 9.5 man going to 10 and everyone to 10. It means that a lot of Buckeyes air out, Katie? Yeah. All right. Well, I'm gonna be on him. You're on him. Good enough for me. You know what they lose? They lose, but I do feel that they do have an opportunity to win. It's always tough going against saving, but you know he's lost before, so we'll see what happens and you know what? We don't have to win the game. We just got to cover the money. It's the game within the game, and when you're getting points, you don't have to win the game. He is Brad Powers follow him on Twitter at Brad Powers seven. Let's get to the NFL Games. And, uh, you know, the running game with Trey sermon for Ohio State's got to get going. Well, That's what people that are backing the culture thinking that Jonathan Taylor, uh, you know, Heinz Wilkins that these guys got to get going to take pressure off Philip Rivers. You got T Y Hilton. Playing at a high level, Cole choose the tight ends well, Um Way The bill's not good against the tight ends during the season overall. Defense, not the greatest. It's. It's a good defense. It's a decent running game. It's Josh Alan and an outstanding Asked. Receiving corps Don't know. Yet on Cole Beasley do know that John Brown's back I do know that Stefan Diggs is playing as well as anybody in the league. Your take on this one, because a lot of short people I know are on the Colts. Am not Lean that cold on. I know it's tough, because I mean right now, if you ask me who is playing the best football in the entire forget to ask who is playing the best football in the entire NFL? Right? Outside bills? I mean, they have covered eight straight games. I mean, that just doesn't happen in the NFL team basically go through half a season covering every single points, friend and doing so by margins. This is one know where I think you're finally starting to pay a premium on buffalo. And, you know, I'm not gonna compare lines that September act over even November, but but to me when I'm when I'm saying you're paying a premium on Buffalo These two teams played Pittsburgh in the month of December. Buffalo at home, was laying to at home to Pittsburgh. Indianapolis was on the road at Pittsburgh a few weeks later and was laying one..

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