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Anchor children academic out again yes we ran into ad back on that proposal rookie your back but more importantly what i wanted to make you aware if you're not aware that my alma mater directly a day iraq coal is boring i don't i am correct profile victim and they are at a seminar a couple of years ago that i attended a during our nudie reunion weekend yeah and i'd be glad to pr you're in touch provoked up there because they're making significant progress on that now i think to where they are at this point in time but i can tell you that we had a very good discussion when i wake up there and they prevented it on perspective it can i was april clinton at the park a you know i i would be interested net nancy now i'll tell you i handled one of these title nine cases xavier university and they were as fair as than possibly could be and my client ultimately was found not responsible because it it just wasn't there and i think which rac are the private schools like eu d and acts you and maybe it's because of the federal money i don't know they tend to be a little bit more fair but i will say this about you see i was just up there last week on one of these hearings and they are doing a lot better job of being fair to the young man and it just basic fairness and due process so you know a lot of people that are howling about these potential changes they odyssey what they are first because all young man in the attorneys the represent them are asking for is basic due process and basic fairness right right i very i mean people that they just want fairness sanya ferry that fortunately in the past sometimes that had not happened either because of wall important security whatever and camera thing her cameras were terrible then eric different world that we live in now that we official media and everybody darren reporter her lack of a better word absolute anyway under you get right in your hour of europe raduca guy the name offering yeah please do that thank you i can't see all right well that that was interesting because i would be interested to see what university of dayton has done on this and i'm glad she called let us know how we gotta take a break for the news but when we come back.

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