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One's interesting I say live free or die but not in the E. U. they're gonna have brought the lodge's on every car every new car beginning in twenty twenty two and any car you might have prior to that has to be retrofitted by twenty twenty four you have to blow into the device to be able to start your car every time European Council voted to introduce legislation in a bid to look up the number of fatalities well we know why they would Britain also expected to approve the measure and the government said it planned to mirror the E. U. rules after brexit so new models on the road we'll have the technology by mid twenty twenty two everybody else must have it in place two years later this is not known how the system we put into practice on the road cars will also get this need intelligent speed assistance a limiter basically installed on your car would stop you from speeding stop you from exceeding the speed limit at all so using GPS data and local limits from traffic cameras the car's speed would then be automatically reduced if you go beyond the speed limit kinda world is that I ask you it could be over red in the case of an emergency by pushing hard on the accelerator but autonomous emergency brakes Neil lane assist driver fatigue all those things are gonna be mandatory as part of these changes you will not be able to go beyond the speed limit is in Europe brick you Chino you're coming later this your car will automatically do the speed limit and no more and breathalyzer is in every car new ones for twenty twenty to existing ones by twenty twenty four that's it I'm never getting my passport take a bus yeah I'm going to say depending on where you go there's really no point to having a car well it's not going to be long before people here decide we need we need the same thing we need this and it'll be I mean if is there by twenty twenty two of my twenty two as the my my biggest thing with you know computerized cars and everything like that is I don't want to put you know my life in the hands of something that that can be hackable you know what I'm saying like that's still that's the big thing with me is like I even if I had that option I don't think even a long road trips if I could just have like an auto pilot we'll call it I wouldn't do that I I just I just wouldn't trust the car to to do that there's I've seen had way too many malfunctions with computers in my day to put my life in one of their hands yeah so do I used to use cruise control a long trip yeah but I got my foot on the gas on the on the sure there's a I'm sure there's a computer involved in your cruise control possible automatic salaries of the hundred and one is nothing you can do with a little U. channel family crying screaming Daddy make it stop you go I can't what are the computer I've never had cruise control by malfunction quite like that usually once I tap the break it it goes off so it's hackable is it if there's a computer it's taxable I don't I don't know if that's the case with cruise control I don't I don't know I I guess I'm not I'm not a car do not call my brother he's been again let's check in fishing drive challenging a family county sales tax increase is going to come up short any black with the group we demand of votes as they will not be getting the necessary signatures.

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