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For most of the day to day. And a reminder. Don't forget the Arlington Memorial Bridge remain shut down both ways because of ongoing weekend road work. I'm Jo Conway. W T o p traffic now to storm team for a meteorologist Lauren Rick. It's chilly Start this morning, and we will continue to see temperatures on the chilly side throughout this Halloween Saturday. Yes, Temperature is only making it too right around 50 degrees. That means some areas stuck in the forties. Today, we'll have some sunshine clouds at times Pretty quiet. Sun goes down. It's six await temperature slowly fall into the forties will be in the forties. Thirty's overnight and there's a full moon tonight. Tomorrow We'll have the clouds around and then some rain pushing in through the mid morning into the afternoon. Heaviest rain east of I 95 temperatures tomorrow around 60 breezy Tomorrow afternoon. I'm Storm Team four meteorologist Lauren Rickets, 48 degrees and Stafford. It's 40 Foreign, Upper Marlboro and 47 in Centerville at 11 10. Sean Connery has died. The Scottish actor was best known for playing James Bond. It was the first to bring the role to the big screen, appearing in seven of the spy thrillers Just drink a martini Shaken, not stirred. Connery was largely regarded as being the best actor to have played double 07 in the long running franchise. Is acting career spanned decades, and his many awards included an Oscar to best awards and three Golden Globes. Sean Connery was 90. All in a little over one week, D C. Public schools will give thousands of students the option to return to classrooms. Some in the community aren't happy about that. And their protest Ng the teachers and parents marched around Lincoln Park in South.

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