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Like probably if you were an yeah i know there's like a boring thing may be but a mexican food is prion might favor type of food definitely because i've never had i was racking my brain earlier to think of like if i've ever had any mexican dish that i haven't light and like maybe something down mike oh that's not really for me but i've never had like a mexican dish room like that's grows that's discussing there's that has never had bike yet cow tung yeah there's a taco truck um rate near my staff on the set in train which is like authentic like yeah and like it's delicious but there psyche in like i can't read the menu really like i had like i don't know what this is but i'll lead lawyer like yourself when you said the menu yes yeah yeah could totally read other things yeah no give me a book owlry owlry that i also like there when you said that this poses a vantic you did the italian chef serbia a theme dick but add there like i would always quickly i'd get off like the the the subway lang after a night of drinking and be like oh us of there's this amazing taco trickier than i be like uh googling although this man was word yeah and uh there's like a full like you're or than while i don't wanna pole polio eating this stuff well the polio taco and then you're like oh it's polio yes this chicken gizzards chicken um at like over half the menu was stuff like.

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