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I'm Nick Roman with the stories we're covering at 704. The Atmospheric River. That's flowing are Ray, while away from the central coast should arrive this evening of the two inches of rain in the L. A basin in Orange County, four inches in the mountains in the foothills. And if it comes down fast on the burn scars left by September's Bobcat fire in the San Gabriel Mountains, KPCC science reporter Jacob Margolis says. Watch out. There are certain things that we should watch for, including. Is the rain coming down at a rate of at least half an inch or an inch per hour. That's the rough threshold that we look for when anticipating Bigger flows on problems that come with them. This storm looks like it'll hit that threshold in some places that said there a lot of factors that influence these issues like what kind of vegetation type is on the mountain. How steep. The mountain is. The placement of drainage is that channel the water and debris. There's a lot of opportunities for physics to mess with us. Kpcc Science reporter Jacob Margolis. Flood Advisory for most of Ventura County through 10 30 Tonight Flash Flood Watch for L. A County Mountains in the San Gabriel Valley through four tomorrow morning Flash Flood Watch for the Orange County and inland Empire foothills. Now, through four tomorrow afternoon, Riverside County has issued a mandatory evacuation order. Neighborhoods in the foothills north of Banning and Beaumont and below the 33,000 Acre apple Fire. Burns own risk of rivers of mud and rocks that could intimidate homes if the rain is intense, and the Orange County Sheriff's Department has issued voluntary evacuation orders for Silverado Canyon, Williams Canyon and Majestic a. Kanye, seven of six Support for NPR comes from NPR stations. Other contributors include the Kauffman Foundation, working together with communities to break down barriers and prepare all people for success in their jobs and careers as employees or entrepreneurs. More online at Kauffman Data work. Hi. This is Larry Mantle. Next time on air talk. Many millennial Americans have taken prenuptial agreements, toe a whole new level. Even pet custody and care could.

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