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So stop you heard it so far all-star black had. Oh my God. That's so original three matches one week for black this good match with Roderick strong Alston. Punk up the win. Really good matchup fought off the numbers. He got the way in. That's all you can happen. He escaped the beatdown. There's everything you need. It retained ricochet came out to help. What it was? I mean, you can't expect anything less from Elster black Rodrick strong. You know, it's going to be a good match right off the bat. And again, this was their time that we have seen him this week. So it's like, it's always great to see Al sorts. Always great to see record. Don't get me wrong. But it was just like, okay. All right. It's a little harder to get excited. Because it's like we're only used to seeing him once a week in the sign maybe twice and this time it's like we've gotten him three days a week three days this week three days in a row. So just like. Kind of thing over go overkill, but it was it the mash was great for dribble. We had BelAir interview where she talked about how she may no longer be undefeated. She'll always be on the feet it with her. They attitudes her way of life always being on the feed it, and she's looking to give a title shot coming up, Shannon, baiser, I wouldn't mind saying that again. No. It was announced that the roads classic will return in two weeks. The following teams are in in involved, the undisputed era European Union forgotten sons on the street profits. So far have been announced Trent Tyler probably amounts next week. They're not announce just yet owes me Yelm versus Xilai Sala matchup may yet. What got the win afterwards. Baiser sh. And the girls came down went for beat down yet members of the locker room the baby faces came out. They got being down Shane and her crew stood tall after beating down on AM give she gave are nice pygmy laying around shayna. So me is trying to stand up for the young young girls in the locker room and she kept being down for it. But she will get her one on one match next week. I believe against Chevy's ler. Hey. So that's refund. Nice little in the language building before the main event, you had John Gargano. He was getting ready and Kansas walks over. She can she does. He know what you have to do. Then she looks over. And goes what the hell are you doing here to Moscow holding onto his belt? Okay. Can we talk about the death glare for that Candace gave him in? How mama still very much wants to woke up on him. And I would pay to see her do that. Honestly, I I really still want Candice versus tomato. Really any anybody understands. The irrational need that I have for candidates to defend her husband's honor, even if he's gone slightly off the wagon in terms of morality lately, I just I really need her to slap Tomasz around for about ten minutes ago. So he didn't need you to win title. And he spent the show worldwide, he's Johnny gin wrestling. So that's going to be the main event, but before we get there. We have an interview with an unnamed interviewer talking to Matt riddle. The revile, bro. Prowse lynn. Why the unnamed interviewer Jeremy Barasch? It's a really good interview. There's a full version up on the YouTube channel skirt check that out. So that was the velveteen dream Johnny Gargano for the NFC North American championship. Really good. Really good match will have a brand new champion for North America. His name. Velvety jury would have liked to seen as rain just a little bit longer. But this was this match was superb. I mean, you can't expect anything less from these two at this point. And I feel like we say that a lot about inex- T. But it's true. It's like automatically. You just you throw certain names together. N you know right off. It's going to be a fantastic match. You know, exactly what you're getting with it. Because we've seen it enough before that it's like this is this is fine. This is acceptable. I'll take this. And you're not tired of it. And this is another one of those where it's like you've got Johnny. You've got all the teen dream they work well together you. No, it's going to be a fantastic match in dream..

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