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Right. I mean eastern Colorado is ripe for tourism in what it's different kind of experience, then your thirteen foot thirteen thousand foot peak or fourteen thousand foot peak. So their opportunities for rivers trails road, cycling birdwatching. You know, those are places that. Yeah. Are ripe for an investment, basically. And then western Colorado, you know, we still have these rural communities that have been focused on coil coal or oil and gas and they're looking in their backyards, and they've got these wild and scenic rivers in Mafa county. We have a trail system that is. Not on anybody's radar but it's world class. You know, same with the western end of Sammy Geller Montrose county. We have coal plants and power plants and coal mines being shut down in communities that are kind of wondering, what are they going to do for the tax base? They lost you know eighty percent of their tax bases gone now. But then they're looking around and saying, we've got all of this fantastic rock and slick rock and canyon country. We're no different than the fruita. So we have this natural capital that we should be leveraging. Those are the places where it's going to happen. Coming back to the economic impact of outdoor recreation. The most recent data from the outdoor industry association shows the outdoor industry as a whole contributes eight hundred eighty seven billion dollars to the economy every year. It.

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