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Sees Carla Harvey air visited one of the grab and go centers Daniel Palomarez is usually a campus eight at coldwater canyon elementary but when we met to be standing outside east valley high in north Hollywood directing people to free breakfasts and lunches handwritten signs reminded visitors to keep their distance so I interviewed him from six feet away that's why it's a bit noisy why did you volunteer to do he says he thought people might not know what's going on he's bilingual so we could explain in English and in Spanish by nine AM with about fifty cars driving about a family is walking he is the CEO of the American red cross Los Angeles region which is partnering with the district it hides it will look back and think of this as a slow day because it was the first day many parents are still hearing about the program volunteers are handing out meals weekday mornings seven to ten I'm Carla heavier we have a map of schools handing out free meals you can check it out and share it with those who need it it's on our website at latest on com L. A. S. T. dot com some more numbers for you now in a clarification public health officials in Orange County say they've now confirmed a total of forty two cases of coronavirus which county is also revising the order issued yesterday by the county's chief health officer it banned gatherings and community events some thought that also meant all businesses should close but doctor Nicole quick says she did not mean that just that bars that don't serve food and restaurant dining room should close take out and to go food that's okay and finally west Hollywood mayor John to make is tested positive for corona virus and is quarantine at his home a notice on his Facebook page says west Hollywood city staff have been told to work remotely and city facilities will be sanitized at seven thirty five from the New York times I'm Michael Morrow this is tonight a scramble to contain the spread of the corona virus in New York in New York City tonight about a thousand people are now under self quarantine governor Andrew Cuomo declared a state of emergency this weekend to help fund the medical response to the outbreak as one of the earliest states with confirmed cases of the corona virus and with the most confirmed cases so far New York state has begun to aggressively move to control its spread governor Cuomo signing an executive order closing all schools statewide for the next two weeks this means taking a series of increasingly drastic steps over the past few days in New York governor Cuomo is advising nonessential businesses to close each night at eight PM Lazio more New York City residents to be prepared for possible shelter.

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