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Make our state better for our listening audience and so that's been sort of a discouragment because i haven't really heard that now the other candidate doug jones hasn't really done that either but you know i don't i don't vote for the democrats i can only vote for the republican so i really wanna know people in my own party and i think that's been the frustrating thing is just kinda cno like all right what are you gonna do and so is that sort of what people out there saying through like they're not exactly sure what this guy's platform is and what he wants to do full number one you very conservative in fact congratulations i can announce right here on the skopje since show this friday you are my most conservative friends let's get started for it but i'll have that many friends you know uh but i'll tell you this good luck on uh finding the answer to your questions because there's no way uh with all this noise and i don't mean noise and disrespectful way to uh maybe some of the uh people uh charging allegations or uh with accusations or anything like that but at the end of the day with all the media noise there's no way we ever gonna know with any of these guys uh totally stands for or i i don't think there's ever a way you know chris that we're going to ever get down to uh some deeper levels are here a full explanation because you know that there are too many buzz words flying around two too much controversy you know when you throw in the words like sex and sexual allegations that in a scandal and conservative and um you throw all those words in it gets law boston all the noise and so it'd be nice if we could like stretches south for another month right wouldn't that be fun because they're not well i mean i've enjoyed talk is so interesting and then like i got to go to dc last week got socks people in the you know the party and then national media and just go from fox news.

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