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We're going down. All of the free agency moves that. The raiders have made an signings agreements. People have come to terms with because you know a lot of this stuff. We still don't have numbers on like I haven't seen numbers yet with Marcus Mariota. Let's just give a quick recap on all the names right now. The raiders have for linebacker. Nick Wykowski what quarterback Marcus Mariota linebacker. Cory Littleton Jason. Witten in the tight end position. Jeff Heath on safety defensive tackle me Collins defensive and Carl Nassib and also ally apple a cornerback. And there's some raiders. Now that are are not a with the team any longer that were players. I think some Raider fans were sad to see go. One of those names is karl-josef. Benny what do you have on karl-josef Van M. leaving to go to the browns? Why think curl became expendable when the raiders? Jeff ARE TO BE SIGNED. Geoff from the Dallas Cowboys. Starting Caliber Safety Sorta last three years for the Dallas Cowboys. So the writing was on the wall at that signing You Know He. He just never quite lived up to expectations as a very high Twenty Sixteen Played reasonably well last year with the big interception against the chargers but also was lost for the season on that on same play and I just think the writers want to go in a different direction. I also wouldn't this doesn't preclude them from Yup potentially drafting a safety in April for the there are okay with Jeffey as the starter in that kind of pushed. Carl officially out the door. I don't think he was coming back regardless of that. That since the deal right there. Okay so we've gotten into pretty much l. The players that we hadn't already discussed here on Vegas nation so you can check out our podcast for Monday and Tuesday for all of our breakdown analysis on earlier signings in the week We just spoke about ally apple and I had went out on twitter and ask some of the fans. Let us know what they thought about. The signings was there anyone. They were excited about anybody that they were not excited about and so far. Everything is positive. We're getting nothing but positive tweets guys on one of them comes from Jonathan Madrid. He's very excited about. The linebacker moves that were made because it was most definitely a position of need not excited though that we lost the war with Miami for Jones as I'm Byron Jones. The cowboys cornerback He is curious to see how the draft will change for the team so we'll they go wide receiver and cornerback. Now what do you think miles? I think it's certainly possible. Go wide. Receiver cornerback I would still say that I mean wide receiver obviously is the big one and you know. I think that everybody expects that. The raiders are going to draft a wide receiver in the first round. Whether that's a twelve or nineteen or maybe they even do it up all right like I don't know but I think that there's reason to believe that now that they have picked up these different these different players in three agency. There's the flexibility to be able to say all right well we could move up with twelve in nineteen and maybe go get somebody else. That would not necessarily be expected and there are still wide receivers out there. That could be had at a certain price. If that's the re the way that the Raiders WanNa guy now vinnie been his reported about the interest. That the raiders might have in Robbie Anderson who has been on the jets last year so there are different ways that this could go for the raiders. But I think that what they've done is they've set themselves up now to say all right. We don't have to do any one particular thing once we get into a into the draft. Yeah and we have another one here from Bill Morrow Baraza Junior. He says Marietta is the one. He's most excited about right now. As far as the signings hopefully him and car can make each other better. He also wants to know when their official word on raiders gear is out and also he says. Let the best man win as far as quarterback job so Vinny how active. Do you think that this will be as far as competition? This is something really interesting that I wanted to note on that before we get into it just because I've been doing a little research on the back end of things with mayock and Gruden and there's a lot of footage from back in the twentieth fifteen draft were. Marietta was taken second overall they. They were just a static with him as a player. They both thought he had everything to offer. I mean now with these. Two kind of heading up the raiders. I mean do you think how how much they're going to be backing? Mariota in not just being a backup but also in may be competing for cars job I don't think they're gonNA You know couches as This is a quarterback competition or You know we brought in Marcus. Mariota potentially take their cars job. But I don't think they're going to rule anything out as well and you mentioned the The appreciation that both Mike via Jon Gruden had Marcus. Mariota in that draft At that time their roles were as analysts and they obviously like him a lot and they never really clear and there's a lot to like about the skill set that he brings in one of the things in particular is his ability to run into You know Great first down yardage in move chains with his legs and so that's a component that Derek Carr doesn't have the Marcus Mariota certainly as in today's NFL. It's it's a commodity that coaches like now to have flexibility at at quarterback the ability to run so he certainly brings to the table But I think that more than anything it's GonNa Push Derek Carr And that's always a good thing and they'll be competition that's created as a result of that. Marcus Mariota is a proud Former second overall pick in the NFL draft heisman trophy winner. He's used to being in playing at a high level and wants to start on that changes whatsoever. So it'll be it'll be interesting. I think this definitely keeps Derek Kind of hold his feet to the fire a little bit in to push him to be a better player and we'll have to see if he responds if he doesn't Arthur's an injury or the case I think. The raiders are pretty comfortable now in their in their backup quarterback. Marcus Mariota and as ARIZA'S SECOND QUESTION. Also any word on official. Lv raiders gear. Sorry I do not have any official word yet but when we get it you'll be the first to know miles. That part of with Mariota's career has been hampered by injury because he's had a lot of issues that have kept them off the field and gave a lot of openings there for guys like Ryan Tannehill to take the reins and just kind of take over the offense so to speak. I mean. Do you think that a healthy Mariota may be a different player than what we've already seen? But I think the biggest issue there is. I mean Mario seems like he's always questionable for something and I sort of you know kind of just with that but I also really don't. It seems like he's had a lot of issues from ankles elbow to believe there's been a chest injury one point or another like there's just been a lot of things that have gone on with mark. Marietta Regis has not really been healthy. So I mean you pair that with the fact that he's so many offensive coordinator so many different head coaches. It's not necessarily a recipe for success. So I think hidden getting into a situation that can be a little bit more consistent indefinitely. Help him out for sure. But I don't know you're going to have to see. Can he stay healthy? And can you know if you're in the offseason program? Is You really GonNa look that much better than Derek Carr depending on who he's throwing to if he's throwing the guys work twos maybe threes? It's probably not gonNA look that much better than Derek Carr but I think if he gets a chance to happen. They're the ones. Maybe you see a little bit of a difference but I don't. I don't know how much they're going to really do that. During the course of their off-season program if we even get an off season program that is worthwhile. I mean you got to think about it this way with the way things are going with corona virus might right now. The players may not get to the field until training camp. That's a real distinct possibility. So it's going to be really difficult. I think to handicap competition because of those kinds of things and you mentioned the Karuna virus and we do have to address this because there is a writer. The we found a linebacker Quinton polling. Who served on the practice squad and was re signed with the practice squad? In February with the raiders. He has Just put I guess self quarantine on himself in his family. He's been very active on twitter. He had gone to Spain. He came home. He had all the symptoms of Corona virus. But if this is per his tweet here on March seventeenth. But because I'm too healthy to be hospitalized they refuse to admit me Cova nineteen tests. And tell me I'm good to go home and fly back to Florida and a couple of days. I love it Hashtag. Ohio Health Department. Well let's fast forward here to March eighteenth where he was finally tested me says. Apparently it isn't that hard after all things to everyone here for the support. My family and I will continue to quarantine here in Ohio. So of course the tests actually about two days to get the results back but I mean when you look at just the timelines of things. They've already I believe postponed the off season activities Mark Miles. You've been following the Clinton Poland story pulling story so Have you heard anything from the Raiders Organization on this? They have been in touch with him But beyond that. There's not much new to report and I mean obviously when you're talking about this kind of thing it's pretty serious and people have had been people beneath them to matic. People have experienced different systems as symptoms. I should say In polling his you know as you pointed out Heidi has been pretty active on twitter in terms of talking about what his symptoms were. And then you know so that he couldn't get tested but then obviously he filled up with that. He did get tested on Wednesday so we will see how this turns out. But as far as as far as what I've been told yes. The raiders have been in touch with them. And you know obviously you wish him the best. But beyond that there's not necessarily much-needed report. They're all right and in terms of like kind of things being postponed. How far out do you expect the postponements to go with the off season activities?.

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