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Story of how superman came here i said well he was born on the planet krypton and the planet was going to blow up so his parents put him in a spaceship they sent him to earth and he landed in a cornfield in kansas where he was a doppler by jonathan and martha kent clark kent and then he became superman alex amigos and i'm waiting for this special moment like daddy that's great adoption stories he looks at me he goes what about hawk man i don't know how often they became hawk man i get adopted by hawks i don't know i have no idea really i i did tell patrick how batman died though ooh which is when ben affleck was hired so i shared him that story is right p batman yes oh if you're going to see taylor swift tonight you need to bring all of your items in a clear plastic bag okay that is the role that the link is put out tonight clear plastic bag you cannot bring a plastic bag that is not clear is that clear crisper crystal because they search even at chanel last night they searched at the wells fargo center to search the bags so they're just saying it makes it easier to search everybody right expedites that situation hide anything in a clear bag unless you wrap it in something that isn't clear or putting your your soccer shoe right right no it's an excellent idea don a safety first right that's right god knows you can't take a clear bag and hide something in it that's not clear all right draws dawn i know you're very very big on ending the straw plague that's facing america right well plastics are proven to be polluting the oceans yes killing the turtles and the fishes i agree anyway so what paper straws are just as good you think so you really do you think so i use them at home i had somebody tell me that paper straws are bad because what happens is they wind up getting all wet and sake and they ruined the drink is that true is there any truth to that if you know on the thing just if you just drink drink well starbucks bands plastic straws winds up using more plastic this is from reason dot com favorite libertarian site unintended consequences in july seattle imposed america's first ban on plastic straws vancouver british columbia pass a similar ban a few months earlier there active attempts to ban straws and new york city washington dc portland oregon and san francisco a list celebrities from calvin harris to tom brady have lectured i'll send giving up straws national geographic and the atlantic have run long profiles on the history and environmental effects of the straw vice is now treating their consumption as a dirty hedonistic excess two thousand eighteen forever be remembered as the year that hating plastic straws went mainstream i call straws the gateway plastic john because once you try a straw you never go back through so true it's how you finally go plastic this is amazing what's strange to me is that the one they can re they can recycle straws yeah but they have not figured out how to recycle our cigarette butts that is the number one pollutant and those are part plastic and they're found in the ocean well there you czar to me that they are attacking straws before cigarette butts that's what i've long said.

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