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Your study is going to examine. A researcher always begins what they review of the available literature. That's conducted before the study is even started. Because if you don't know what other people have done to find answers to the very same question. You have your hypothesis or some kind of hypothesis similar to it. You're not gonna be all get starting so you start with the review of literature and whenever you're doing a review of literature in your dissertation or your research study list the sources that you got that information from sources are cited in a review of literature. If you think you're doing or reading research in sources are not cited then you reading someone's opinion someone's attempt to persuade your belief through some sort of pontificate station or soapbox delivery a what is normally a political viewpoint. Red flags should be going up. If you're reading something that does not cite sources. It's that all important review of literature. That's going to help me. Determine what my data collection will be. How will i collect the data. Where will i get the data from. What will be my sample size of my data. And it is that data that i have to have in order to call what i'm doing. Research in fact research is data collection. You don't have data all you guys opinions in. You're not talking about research more red flags if you think you're reading somebody's research. They didn't have data. They don't have the four mentioned sources cited. That's not research at a summit once. I have the data collected that. I have to determine a mathematical process that i'm going to use to address the hypothesis that i'm working on and once i've gone through that process. I will analyze the results and openly discuss what i think. The results indicate not what they mean. Research never tells you something unequivocally anyway. Research gives you hints. Research gives you ideas. Research leads to additional research. Next comes the all important part peer review. And that's actually were opinions can start flowing in appropriately so a medical journal can have my research. It doesn't because my research wasn't medical. But i'm talking about hypothetically a journal can have somebody's research and then other medical professionals md's mostly but to be. Researchers and on a subject are going to read it and evaluate the findings. That's what a peer review is if you don't have a peer review of somebody's research yet don't have research is important as that is. It's also where the trickery can work. Its way in so for example. Jim in joe have an opinion on some topic. Perhaps it's a political opinion and they want to cloak that opinion of theirs inside of a medical study and what people think something. They both issue the results of the study that they did now. They can call a casual conversation with their friends over dinner. Study not really know unless you break it down. Dig down deep. They won't tell you that in the publication that they're putting on the internet after they both had their studies out there and that's big time air quotes on that word study. Jim moret air quotes peer reviews joe's publication and jim sites joe study as evidence for what he believes. It's actually what both of them believe. Then joe he does the same thing. He air quotes peer reviews. Jim study and uses jim. Study to provide evidence for what he believes in his study. But if you were following me they both had the same idea before the whole thing even started. They just do this. Real quick process of issuing a study which could be conversations with their friends and in one sites the other they both sides each other to be the evidence for what they believe. There's been no research there. Those publications is simply social media. People think facebook provides accurate information and is a publication of people like jimmy. Joe's studies that you remember back in the beginning. When i said a reputable entity put its name on the line when issuing publication. Do you remember that. Yeah that's all gone. Now thanks to social media. Anybody can publish anything that they may have an opinion on and other people read it on social media in think it's official like web. Md people try to use web md as a source to site when digging up some kind of opinion web. Md is more web than it is md. Its web be concerned now. Hearing me you might be thinking how am dam kizer and trouble. Everything they know comes off the internet. And i gotta tell ya. And i'm with high school. Kids millennials and gen z. All the time. They're going to be fine because they know the garbage on the internet is crap and nadon hitched your beliefs onto social media like adults. Do they use those things. The internet and social media like nobody's business but since it all that they know they don't know anything else they have learned what we haven't learned through personal experience that social media and garbage on the internet is not where you go. It's not what you use. It's not how you make intelligent. Life decisions their parents and grandparents. That's another thing. We seem to be the idiots here. The kids they got it all figured out back in the old and times when men were gossiping at the barber shop in women at the beauty parlor or wherever it went. I remember being a really small kid. I don't think. I was much over five but had this vivid memory of going with my grandfather.

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