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In the windsor castle stakes. He's gone onto saddle eleven winners at that. Prestigious meet in camp and ellie one of the winners that came last year in the gray to queen mary. And what a performance that was wesley ward back again this year with several contenders royal. Ascot getting ready to open on tuesday. There will be four breeders. Cup challenge races winning. You're in events contested over the course of that meet next week and who better to talk about those races and the entire meet them. I good friend. Jim guoxing from the breeders cup. Jimmy welcome my friend mike. Thanks for having me today. Good to be on. Yeah excited to talk about royal ascot. you know. I remember last year when we were in the midst of the pandemic and now we're starting to come out of it. Things are improving. It seems like a different feel this year than it did. Of course last year with the royal ascot races but it's always such a special race. Meet it it's a it's just. It defines world class competition at royal ascot. Interestingly enough similar to dominant stakes day last weekend they'll be about twelve thousand spectators back at the royal ascot for the races. Of course starting on tuesday so hopefully things have written or coming back as they here as they have here in the united states so looking forward to it. This is the fourth year of the breeders cup association of breeders cup challenge winger in races with the ascot authority with royal ascot delighted to be back again. Of course races are televised. Live on nbc. S and Starting on tuesday with first breeders cup winning there in the first race of the royal. Need the queen. Anne stakes for an automatic berth into the fan duel breeders cup mile course on turf. Have you been to royal ascot jimmy. I've had the privilege of being twice To royal ascot two times my es I went in two thousand and four when it was a very different race. Track than it is today And they went back in two thousand and two thousand nineteen i did. I returned to royal ascot where it was the a beautiful course as as it is today beautiful grandstand enclosure area. So it's it's special. Obviously it's different. Here's the racist. Go up very quickly. It was just about a half hour between the races. And there were just six day so It's it it goes is quite or six or seven day it's quite a quite a quite an experience And the the focus on the on the great racing During the afternoons each day of the meeting. Yeah i have never had the privilege to be there at least not to this point anyway and i was going to ask you for those of us like myself. Who haven't been to royal ascot. What is it that makes it so special. Buy thank you just kinda summed. It up you know and the attire that you see from the gentleman from the ladies that attend the races there is is really second to none. We talk about the derby hats and all of that kind of stuff that goes along with the kentucky derby and that's very special in its own right but there's something different about the appearance of royal ascot even when you watch it on television well it definitely i have found to be a very concentrated low Attention to the horses During during the during the period the focuses on on the racehorse there certainly a majesty that surrounds it but the prestige of winning one of these races is spectacular. Obviously the large sizes of some of these fields so these sprints where they break off into two groups eight on one side at twelve on another or or as many as twenty four. Great horses. Going into raises is also terrific. A little kooky in a way when you see them and it's a real challenge for the announcer On the straight events to pick up the fields on both sides but It's it's a real thrill. And i think that It's something that everyone should do at least once. No no question. I would certainly agree with that. We touched on the four breeders cup challenge races. That will be contested next week. Beginning with that queen. Anne stakes on tuesday opening day. What are some of the other. Highlights that folks can look forward to netra from the race standpoint but from the horses and the people that are going to be represented next week. Will mike obviously From a breeders cup respectively may have as many three former or defending champions for anticipating the right away. Order of australia was a huge upset winner. Of last year's fan two mile in the queen. anne is a formidable task and palace pier or John tandy gosden only lost one race in his career to terrific Racehorse palace pierre as mentioned audible stralia for For the coolmore team and when that shouldn't be overlooked is a lobby for an end is from The brian barn and then we have two former champions in the queen. Anne in lord glitters one or two thousand nineteen and accidentally agent in one in two thousand eighteen. So i think You've got really solid racists the very first race during the meeting Think we'd move on. We have a on. Wednesday is when you're in for loaning breeders cup turf in the prince of wales's stakes At a mile and a quarter we have last year's one two finishers in ward north and today ebb from odd the irish where the day of in in that particular race That is going to be a terrific advance along with love from Michael taber derrick smith and john near and this john near love whose unbeaten us a three year old including Winning the thousand guineas the oaks epsom oaks and the yorkshire oaks as well as defending champion in philly their turf and that would be dara So that that's a terrific racing. Its own right then. We change On thursday over to the two year olds and you mentioned was reward was so spectacular success at royal ascot in the norfolk stakes. Social words the field obviously not been quite yet many runners in there. He's going to have a a to maiden winners in lucci Who wanted gaumont On on these may nine. He went back in april. I'm not gonna tony one at qinglin. That's another runner that he has those or two The two possibilities for him in there. And then. If i can just go right on into saturday you have the diamond jubilee at turf sprint. And we have glass slippers in that race on the closing day..

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