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And there's just three things in life. Do you have to remember that are universal death taxes and PSE blowing a lead in the champions like my God Martin. I God let me just before we even begin the what's it called the percentage. Win for PS was ninety seven percent. Having to nil lead at Old Trafford two away goals. Martin right. I do not think this is how it was going to go at all. It was the last Jedi but not shitty. I could not believe it. Let me just say your start your the this is the team that beat PS g to heya the Las mowing Linda off shore. Fred Tomei, Chong Greenwood Lukaku and Raffard. Yeah. Yeah. Literally children children who had to go to school the next day. Like Celtic Tommy had attest today. Fucking live that kid. I I I hope the fucking teacher. Just like fuck it ripped it up a go out like I cannot believe this. But Martin I'm going to turn it over to you some of my talking points about this game is even a PS. She had all the possession. D just looked absolutely solved next Manchester United, and this is when you see this lineup against Manchester. United all your PS. She has to be like, oh, we got this in the bag, right? Like walking in there to know lead at home away goals at that. And I I'm just dumbfounded that these. They're just it was one of the biggest choke jobs, and I'm going to say this. Now, I think this upset or this bottle job by PSI is worse than the bar. Celona one. I agree. Because even though the Barcelona one was more goals and more like like in terms of like, I guess scope, I guess how much how many goals they had to score at least Barscelona had their full squad. Right. And it was up at Camp Nou. Yeah. I I just want to take a trip down memory lane. Real quick. Let me rewind time back to a cold night in March nineteen ninety nine in Paris in the ninetieth minute on a corner, kick and gun. Gomersall char got the winner against PS g there in the Champions League. And it was meant to be something that all they said before the match itself he said to the players that this is going to be a hard game. There is going to be non lot of opportunities for you to score on goal. Your going to work harder defensively than you ever had in your life. You're going to run harder than I've ever seen you run. But when you get those chances you finish it Manchester. United had five shots on goal. The first shot was the Ramalu Lukaku goal in the second minute. The second shot was the rash goal or the Radford shot that g g boo spilled the third shot was Ramalu caucus follow up that ended up being a goal. The fort shot was dilutes fucking shot that ricocheted off Kim bay that led to a penalty, the fifth shot was Marcus. Ashford's penalty to win it Manchester. United capitalized on every single chance that they had manches nodded look death in their face and fucking punch them in their mouth parasail Germont can make all these fucking excuses. That name are was not in the squad that if you wanna go the Klopp route that mentions not it's injuries interrupted the rhythm. But Manchester United was not supposed to win this game. There are no if ands or buts about that. Like you said PSG had a ninety seven percent chance to win this game. PS looked the better team almost ninety percent of the game. But when push came to shove when all the pressure was on who the fuck stepped up. Marcus rash. Furred manque born and bred Manchester United stepped up to the plate. And knocked out passenger Mon, and I just wanna give an insane amount of credit to this Manchester United's. Squad and soldier because I did not expect this. I don't think any Manchester United fan truly expected this. Trust me, I wanted with all my heart..

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