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Did you totally crass but are you on a date right now. Not Really I mean not officially I mean we wanted to meet each other first before we wanna like official date. So what do you think are you on a date right now. I'm not sure the Bats Rodrigo and Jessica. They met on tinder. And I'm Sarah guys reporting curious city. So how did I get out here spending my Saturday night interrupting first dates at a bar with a microphone. Well it all started when Listener Yvette. Ambert asked US quote how. How is the dating scene in Chicago? Now we weren't able to get a hold of Yvette but this question of what Chicago is like for Romance. It's a question that the people think about a lot and sometimes even choose their place to live based on it. We wanted to find specific qualities of dating in Chicago that feel whelp particularly Chicago and we started with the data but by the numbers Chicago. Dating Demographics are pretty on par with most large cities So to try and find the Chicago characteristics. Curious city opened a hotline to take your calls and I went two bars. On the North and south sides we heard from men women straight people gay people help and two themes definitely stood out theme number one. Lend me some sugar. I'm your neighbor. Let's begin with a classic Chicago Story. star-crossed love here's locked me wrong erosion. I met this guy through friends and locked me really liked him but there was an issue I was living off the argyle. Stop on the red line and he lived off the division blue line-stop every day locked. Her boyfriend would have to decide who would travel to from the moment. I left my door. I'd have to walk. You know three and a half blocks to the red line and the truth got tiring get off three now. Distance was not necessarily the reason. Lock she and her boyfriend broke up but it didn't help there and this theme of Chicago not wanting to date far outside their neighborhoods. It came up again and again time. Inconvenience are certainly reasons and but those are also mixed up with Chicago in strong sense of neighborhood identity. Here's Listener Mitch. I'm gay and Live in town so no I don't move in any of the LGBT neighborhoods like boy's town or Andersonville notice that people in town tend to paint anywhere outside. Outside of that neighborhood is just far. Which is outrageous lakeview to buck town by the way it's under three miles this phenomenon of staying near your own hood you see it? Reflected in some online dating apps like okay. Cubic data from the company's shows Chicago users users message other users who live near them more. This of course could at least something to do with race since Chicago is so geographically segregated gated and race does influence people's dating choices as for luxury of the Blue Line. Red Line Romance a little over a year ago she she moved to Dallas and her personal research suggests that dating Dallas is different for one thing. Driving long distances is a lot more common. Come in there. Oh someone lives thirty miles away. I don't think that that deters people the same way it would end Chicago and she wanted to add one more thing. I have to say like all all of these feelings about geography. A really heightened when it's cold what's the temperature there right now right now I think it's in the seventies. Rei it and that brings us to Chicago. Dating theme number. Two winter is coming. Talking to daters I learned a new phrase about winter enter one. It seems that everyone under thirty already knew well. Have you heard of cuffing season. That's cuffing season as in cuff. So you F F tow car is twenty nine and she learned about this phenomenon when she moved here from North Carolina. I heard Chicago people saying in why what is coming season and they were like. Oh just like you know in the winter months where you have your main boo. With other month summer months you might have multiple booth breath so cuffing is the tendency to commit to a monogamous relationship. But just for the cold months. It's seasonal GIG daters. I spoke to in their thirties thirties and forties. They had other names for it Lake Nesting for the harvest season or catching boyfriend. You know like catching a cold or a warm stone in the bed stone in your bed you said in a sentence. I didn't even like that girls. It's just a warm stone okay. Son Data does seem to support the existence of cuffing season. According to facebook relationship status says peak months for breakup are made through June postseason. When people are ready to get back out there uncut?.

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