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So even less than forty eight hours and some of these cases, so especially when you've got the long road trip back to back road games pretty far away. You know, if you're playing southern Utah, and then you're playing eastern Washington if you're playing eastern Washington, and then you're playing Portland state. That's usually pretty common double you can walk in Portland state, Sacramento state, Portland state, something like that, you know, if you're quite a ways away from home, and then you have a quick turnaround less than forty hours. You gotta be careful backing that team in the second game, especially depending on how the perform you're right. Yeah. I mean, that's a pretty quick turnaround for college kids, and that that's certainly the normal here for the Big Sky. All right. So let's move away from the Big Sky that we did a good job breaking that down. It'll be a conference that we continue to watch throughout the rest of the season here. Let's get into our regression candidates. And interestingly enough both of them come from conference USA here. Let's start with the negative regression candidate. That's on your radar. Yeah. I I didn't do that on purpose. But is kind of interesting they both come from the same conference. First of all, you ABC sense. If you you it'd be defense. They look like they're pretty good. But then you realize they've been playing against according to on the way, they say that three hundred and thirty nine toughest schedule of offenses so far this year. So they'd say the kind of weak offenses their eightieth in sectors field goal percentage. They were hundred sixty first year ago. I think there's UAB defense is quite a bit worse than it. Looks like on paper if you look down this the scheduled to see who UAB going to be playing going forward. They don't really have tremendous offenses that they're going to be playing against too many times North Texas team in general rice as it pretty decent offense Marshall, certainly good offense and western Kentucky decent on offense. They should be better than they are. They're under cheating. So I think that UAB the big. The thing. I would look for is to go against them. When they face is better offense is or take overs. I will note that you're right. Beat those play very slowly they can have some pretty low scoring games. But if you get one of those really low totals UAB game, I would look to bed and over based on the fact that their their defense that start regretting when they start playing a decent offense. Well, and another thing that we've talked about here, you know, because they move at such a slow tempo. And they do have what appears to be a good defense some of their totals in those games where they face better offenses will open low and we've seen a lot of steam and a lot of money come in on overs for low totals so cert- looking to circle some of these spots and play the overnights on them. Maybe get a little bit of a middle opera too as well. Absolutely. You know, you see a total come out. We'll say for for a game against like Old Dominion over Charlotte or something like that. You see a total come now that one twenty one twenty two you know, what can happen, and it's going to get that up. So, you know, if you wanna take the over you'd better be ready for it because you know, that one twenty one and one twenty two is going to become one twenty five or one twenty five and a half. And I wouldn't have to tell you how many times it could fall between one twenty one and one twenty five and a half. All right. So positive progression candidate here. And this is a team that I kind of isolated a couple of weeks ago. And I think I was on the train a little bit too early with them. But this is a team that played a brutal non conference schedule in a season where they had a lot of transition internal. Yeah. Middle Tennessee State. I think you're right on middle Tennessee State. And if you go back to me about it that they choke a couple of games away..

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