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He was really an untradeable commodity for you team with the worst record in baseball who would have liked to have gotten something for him and are praying that he's okay and hoping that he opts out next year it's bizarre and it goes to show you a bobby evans we all acknowledge said he's done great things as the as lieutenant of brian sabin dan o'dowd yesterday said that ryan savings still making calls who knows but anyway he okay got a team with almost two hundred million dollars committed to the campaign and you don't have anybody you can trade other than eduardo nunez those are huge lights going back to me i thought sam dyson was a a chip that they may have been able to cash in because you see the nationals she's me yeah the nationals went out and got kessler from the twins there were teams and needed back into the bullpen help but sam dyson maybe you're you're saving them for next year is nathan and guy was he he's he's i think go on second your arbitration next year again not to get overly technical blair he's cheap like i i don't want him to trade him like if i if i was bobby evans i'd say look here's you don't want the giants or like right now though there the garage sale that's a bad garage sale like he got the good garage sales like well i'm getting this is cool electron ictsi alec posters possible poster right and in or something classic ourselves great you pull up to this garage sale it's like two minutes a walk around like badge radisson raskin vacuum right it you know as a stereo for the 70s eight track player but the correct as it were hair curlers adds like it's what you just said is the most damning thing for those who were mad at bobby evans who just wanted to move to make a move here look who were they gonna trey louis gonna trade span is not tradeable pence is not tradeable uh there's not a market for belt if if people wanna dyson go oh he's going to be a cheap potential eighthinning guy milan since not healthy there was teams who could use a closer cueto is untradeable it i am surprised that they astro sat on their hands pointing a pitcher.

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