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Businessmen Jeffrey obscene killed himself in his Manhattan federal jail cell in August are now out on a hundred thousand dollars bail after they were arraigned today on federal charges in Manhattan working overtime at the metropolitan correctional center total no well and Michael Thomas were supposed to check on convicted sex offender Jeffrey obscene every thirty minutes an indictment alleges they did not and they log phoney reports to cover it up well F. Steen awaited trial for new sex abuse charges he hanged himself in his cell the union representing correctional officers supports its members local president Tyrone Covington Burling data indicates that not that the thirty minute rounds it is a fact that had a conducted a thirty minute rounds missteps and still would have twenty nine minutes to take his own life it is clear to us that these indictments on Max to cover up the truth issues in many be able to create a narrative that the government has taken action he says severe understanding plagues the MCC and contributed to what happened in lower Manhattan Shawn Adams WCBS newsradio eight eighty triple a did a study of New York state's red light camera traffic program triple A.'s town by town analysis of red light camera data in New York found of multiple deficiencies says north the spokesman Robert Sinclair junior number one we found very glaring we've at Mount Vernon which is at a red light camera programs since twenty fourteen as filed no report a violation of state requirements and there is no penalty so we think that the state has to step in to establish oversight and establish penalties for the nationalities that are not final reports or filing incomplete or poor record Sinclair junior says red light cameras do prevent certain types of crashes but data is needed to ensure public confidence in them Marla diamond WCBS newsradio eight eight eight now to New York City streets and a proposal laid out for improvement so streets master plan envisions hundreds of miles of bike in bus lanes more space for pedestrians and safer street designs of lousy says it builds upon the original vision of how to transform our society and that is vision zero vision zero is an idea that has to keep growing all the time Mary Beth Kelly has been fighting for safer streets since her husband doctor Carl Henry knocked was killed by a tow truck in two thousand six we all know the suffering up close and personal and we rejoice today at the passage of this law the streets master plan takes effect in late twenty twenty one at city hall rich lamb WCBS newsradio eight eight a new report from the New York state comptroller's office finds the Long Island Rail Road maybe losing about thirty three point four million dollars a year because the agency is not doing a good enough job collecting fares the audit looked at how fares were taken up on sixty eight different allied double our trips between last December and this past may found it was done wrong about a third of the time the allied to Lars internal estimate is that they're losing about twenty million dollars a year in uncollected fares a year okay traffic and weather together in a minute these Connecticut delays will see how bad where it's eleven oh seven this is Jay Farner CEO of quicken loans and we want to help your house feel more like a home with some of the lowest refinancing.

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