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An occasional holiday when he finally did come back. The first thing Charles did when he came home on vacation was beat up Bill. So how he's he's a bit of a dick to his brothers. Yeah. I'm the train. Mother fucker. So in nineteen fifty eight, Fred coke became one of the founding members of the John Birch society. John Birch, I dunno, it's fun. Us generate society was a far right wing conspiracy theory focused society. They would be kind of the nineteen fifties equivalent of a group like Infowars. Okay. Yeah. So the society's goal was to stop the spread of communism in America and push back against the efforts of secret communists hiding in the American government. Oh, did they start that witch hunt in Hollywood? They were a big part of that, but they went a lot further than McCarthy did because the secret communists they were going after. We're guys like president Dwight D Eisenhower. So is in Hauer was a lefty too according to the judge Birch society? Yeah, the Dwight Eisenhower who had the leader of the Congo assassinated for being a leftist sympathizer that Dwight Eisenhower is a kost. And sometimes when you are that Deaton to, he's deep, cover, deep, cover your have. To do things to make it look like, you're not? Yes. Sometimes I get it. Sometimes you have to overthrow three or four democratically-elected leftist regimes in order to further the broader goals of communism. Right? Is that what you're saying? Yeah. You wanna throw the people that are honored off your trail is possible. Hitler was a secret. Announced. I'm gonna shut you down. No, you should. So the whole John Birch society was the brainchild of Robert Welsh. A of the John Birch society demanded the US retired from the United Nations in ordered flyers, circulated in Dallas, Texas the day before the arrival of president Kennedy. The flyers stated that Kennedy was wanted for treason and that quote, he is turning the sovereignty of the US over to the communist controlled United Nations. So this has been going on for this has been going on for a long time. All of this was more or less in line with the beliefs of Fred coke. A man who in publications he wrote for the John Birch society stated quote, the colored man looms large in the communist plan to take over America for its suspected. That welfare was a conspiracy to fill American cities with black people who carry out a race war to exterminate white people. This is where Fred cokes minus. Now, the Kennedy assassination was not great for the reputations of the members of the John Birch society or for Robert Welsh main about this, but maybe they do it. That's. This myth, but I'll have to dig into it. If you dig into myths around this nation of Kennedy, the John Birch society regularly comes up. Well, I guess I haven't been Google not hard. Yeah, there were just a big thing and fire right circles back in the fifties and sixties. So after the Kennedy assassination, obviously mainstream conservatives denounced the John Birch society and Robert Welsh is crazy and claim. The society was a little more than a collection of conspiracy theorists, Charles coke, joined the John Birch society to impress his father, but he actually hated the gender society. 'cause he thought all this conspiracy shit was nuts. He was. Charles coke. Yeah, while he really wanted his father, he really wanted his dad's approval because he did not like the John Birch society. He was impressed by their organization in their fundraising prowess because they raised a lot of money and they had a really good secret sort of political organization going. He thought all the conspiracy bullshit got in the way of the society should be doing which was actually conspiring to destroy the new deal in most of the American government. So that was his issue with the John Birch society too much time on conspiracy theory nonsense not enough time dismantling the government. Okay. So in nineteen sixty one when Charles was twenty six is father's health began to fail and Charles Mott back home to Wichita to help run the company. He'd been working as a consultant in Boston. Many hadn't been back in Kansas long when he had his doc Brown hitting his head on a toilet, inventing the flex capacitor kind of moment. Here's how the Wall Street Journal described it in a fawning nineteen. Ninety-seven article quote one day in nineteen sixty two Charles newly minted MIT engineer pulled down a book on the. The Austrian school of economics, which describes free economies as systems of spontaneous unplanned order..

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