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For suspects after a fatal shooting at a Gold Coast business WGN sports because the brewers two zero the angels pizza socks 6 to 5 WGN traffic no major problems to report at this hour Chicago police say at least 29 people have been shot 7 fatally and weekend violence across the city in one of the later shootings police say a man of an unknown age was discovered unresponsive at about 5 this morning at a hallway on the second floor of the synesthesia ES suites in the 200 block of east Walton The man mistaken of northwestern memorial hospital where he was pronounced dead no one in custody in that shooting Ukrainian officials say the evacuation of civilians from a steel planted Mary opal has been put on pause until tomorrow About a hundred people were able to evacuate before Russian shelling of that plant resumed It's believed hundreds of other people are still inside the factory And a new poll shows the overwhelming majority of Americans are worried about rising inflation The Washington Post ABC News poll indicates 44% of those who are responded are upset about inflation while the other 50% say that they are concerned but not necessarily upset The Federal Reserve kicks off a two day meeting on Tuesday It's widely expected short term interest rates will be boosted to fight inflation A look at the forecast now from the WGN Chicago weather center mostly cloudy and Chile overnight The.

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