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Ten to be exact so we still have ways to go back every three here that good news saying we're going to stay quite prairies next by days back home now few showers and thunderstorms to start art monday morning you can see this is overnight at three a m could see some showers and storms form and again may hear some rumbles defender grab your umbrellas before heading out you may run into some rainy weather for your morning commute and then into the later part of the morning as well scattered too widely scattered showers and storms will be possible on and off throughout the course of the day so not all areas may see some rain but it is certainly possible at this point that we could see at least some downpours or tuesday the same goes we can start off with some coastal showers and thunderstorms for our morning commute heading into the afternoon hours but our monday rain chance around sixty percent i bumped it up from fifty to sixty and then for our tuesday fifty as well so you'll see that in the thank just the fact that some coastal showers will be possible otherwise you can expect mostly cloudy conditions with temperatures falling into the 70s low to mid 70s further inland closer to the coast in the upper 70s mid to upper 70s around seventy seven purport won't beach now for monday the clowns in perhaps the rain will keep things a little cooler but will still expect heat indices in that for ninety two possibly the triple digits as well upper 80s to low 90s yellow flags maybe find at the beaches tomorrow with some green flags as well we saw a nice day at the beach you can see crystal clear water little bit of june grass but hey that didn't stop vote them enjoying and cooling off in the gulf of mexico now speaking of the gulf mexico forty march two to three feet with a light to moderate chop with the cia chance for scattered swarms as i mentioned the percent for.

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