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To fruition usually you're usually walk soon offers me some sort of food union army any food cake we have choices cake tokyo care cake made with aspartame because eddie that's true people by the way that's me so what are you have to they usually have like non gmo popcorn alban's or peanuts gmo thing we can do a whole thing i of gmo save lives because you can get more out of an acre than you've ever been able to get to before so it and in the short taraoke dr joseph yasmin who may have joseph but from that killed a not living longer because they're not getting enough well dr i it that you would regret this i warned you i will have the gmo conversation i think we disagree on that but okay have time to get get into a so what are you offer we have popcorn almonds or peanuts today what would you like why do i have to choose by can i have all could have them all go hungry lions your show you you know you know i'm like trump nice to you the new you'd get anything you watch there you go out here's another one that i dug above the internet have you heard this internet jared i've heard of it all kinds of story it's it's a man it's going to go you're not gonna last long now tattoo inc yes may staying your limped knows that doesn't sound good luck notes i don't know a lot about a lot but this is what pumps everything all around your body right as widely get cancer or something and there it's immediately gets all of your body's nature filter system builders out all the kupina junkin of bacteria germs viruses that are dead it's your filters that's why we get sick you get the swollen glands i see so i'm wrong except pumping in all your body's just when he stops working it backs up in your body yes graca and but if you do get a cancer cancer can travel through to lymphatic system easily because it's a it's a simple route.

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