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Big brighi blue eyes and now baseball together. Welcome back to the baseball together. Podcast baseball family brig. And i are actually here this week. We're not taking this week off. i'm here in my see. Brig is in his seat. Welcome break once again to the podcast. Thank you are you. I'm fine thank you anyway all right. Let's we have a lot to get into this week like a whole lot to get into so let's go ahead and get started with that first. We have the hall of fame brig. Would you like to present. I leave the stage to you. Present are hall of famers please. Yes derek jeter and there we go. that's it. No jeeter. Larry walker ted simmons and marvin miller who is dead. Thank you very much. So you're welcome derek. Jeter as we know he got in. And there's only one person who did not vote for him Do you think it's appropriate guidance. Griffey that's do you think it's appropriate somebody. Same person. Same person same now. It's now they self identify as a loser. Yeah it's true. Well end really what it comes down to for me is somebody who's either like legitimately like well he. He doesn't need my vote or somebody. Who's just trolling at this point. Ryan like i didn't vote for griffey. I'm not gonna vote for dealer and maybe it is and maybe he voted for mariano rivera because he was like well. I don't know how many votes he's going to get so he went ahead and voted for him. I mean which is weird to say but well now hold on. We are making an assumption here. It could be a woman right. Yeah you're right. It could be non binary. I don't know we keep saying he. All i'm saying is this person is a fool. It doesn't matter what they're selling off. I'll tell you this. I'll tell you this. This logic that we're putting into this individual's brain to me could only be that of somebody who is so old school that they were in the baseball. Writers association of america. Pre women being allowed. That's all. I'm saying like this person might be nine..

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