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Welcome to the KBC financial our I am your host Kevin Chris with my co host lovely wife co founder CEO in CPA Karen Crist welcome to the show everyone today we are going to be talking about how to have less stress in your retirement that's a good thing yeah I just got just got off the phone with one of our I guess you'd call vendors or suppliers or whatever and he's up in Minnesota stuck in a house in a in a small condo there get ready to move but he's travels all the time normally every week and they're stuck in this condo together and and so there's there's a lot of stress going on right right now let's try and take some stress out of retirement right well listen before we get going Karen wants to just tell the brand new listeners a little bit about who we are and we'll get into the show sure wells Kevin mentions I am Keren I am a CPA and I love to I love the consulting side of the business I love to sit down and listen to what people's goals are and help problem solve and Kevin's the the detail guy ran he just knows how everything works and together we customize retirement plans for people and we do that using both US stock market and insurance products because we want to get true diversification in your financial and your retirement strategies so Karen you know you like to talk about diversification as not just being how many stocks you have is supposed to bonds but all all different things you know some people in our gold bugs they like to have a little gold in their in their portfolio right people with a lot of rental properties right we've got a lot of people that have clients that have some rental properties and we have some kinds of a lot of rental properties so the cool thing about what we do is is when we get people into our office or now we're doing the zoom meeting so we can put all of this into the retirement blueprint which is what I think we're famous for right is and and it's a very sophisticated we were just talking about this software it's a very sophisticated program and a lot of people don't really understand exactly what they're looking at all they know is is that they're not going to run out of money well everybody wants to know that yeah that's right so what else do what else will the retirement blueprint what are some of the things besides not knowing you're you're gonna run out of money in retirement what are some other things to retirement blueprint will do for them well one of the things that we look at heavily is taxes in retirement it takes a look at how much of your investments does the IRS own and you may not realize that so a lot of what we're doing is we're taking a look at what you've done what you started with but we want to take you far beyond you got a four oh one K. yeah you had to you know years ago we did a show about spreadsheets and we call those precious Sam's a spread sheet sales here well that have spread sheets and we're not trying to make fun of people with a lot like people that have spread sheets because when we do the blueprint they have everything we need to organize it yeah right but you had somebody that's a that's an accountant and does excel spreadsheets and they said well that retirement blueprint program I've looked at all different ones I've never seen anything that in that much detail that good so if you want one of those you had to pick up the phone and call us at four six nine four four four thirty nine hundred that's four six nine four four four thirty nine hundred said like my retirement blueprint now there's some good news and there's some bad news the good news is if you call us we'll do it complementary no obligation the bad news is is there some things that you don't have a spread sheet you have to give us things like what your social security is going to be and what your monthly expenses are and we put all that into the blueprint and it spits out a report and so does a little more than that but yes well okay I don't have a CPA overs making fun of me but anyway you can also go to KBC financial solutions dot com and hit the blueprint tap little flash up in front of you if you want to hear some old radio shows so you want to hear some podcast it's all there on K. P. C. financial solutions dot com so Karen once you give our listeners a little synopsis of what we're gonna be talking about today sure well we want to talk about why planning ahead will allow you to have a more enjoyable and long lived retirement because yes our specialty is numbers and finances and taxes and planning but you know what we're human too Kevin and what we see a lot is that talking about retirement can be really stressful for people and it has a lot to do with whether they have planned or not and you know we all want to be happy regardless of which state stage of life for in you know in in your early working years you're trying to pave your way for the future you're you're saving and then a couple decades go by quicker than you think and we are approaching the end of our working career and all of a sudden retirement is sneaking up on us you know statistics show that most people don't really start thinking about retirement tell their mid sick mid fifties yeah I saw a report one time was a U. S. Senate bureau of aging the average person starts thinking about retirement and planning at fifty seven Friday well yeah and so there are many things we can do to help eliminate a lot of this stress especially before retirement so what can separate a happy retiree from a miserable one is getting a few things right in the pre retirement planning process so we see a lot of pre retirees and they're so focused on when can I retire when can I retire it's coming up it's coming up that sometimes they don't even think about the pre planning that goes in to de stressing their retirement and that's okay all right we understand a lot of people start to get anxious as they get closer tire retirement you know makes sense you just spent thirty or forty years working to make it to this point and you had some predictability in you knew what the paycheck coming in was gonna look like so today we want to show you some ways to help plan ahead in order to have a stress be more stress less in retirement I like the word de stressing better I think I'm going to use that let's de stress your retirement or at least have a lot less stress then you can potentially have so you might have a DTSX destress yeah right we're gonna D. D. Taxify your investment right and the street address your retirement so okay so ten thought provoking questions that tie into today's show this is what we're gonna talk about what are the main differences between happy and unhappy retiree and boy have we seen them both we have should my spouse and I create a retirement plan together that has us both equally involved yes yeah how do you say we get the spreadsheet Sam's come in and and mom and dad has no idea what's going on and then he dies and she comes in you know it's not good so you should be spouses should be involved together is there a type of investment that will help me create income for retirement how often do people enter retirement without a plan way too many what are some ways that I can reduce my expenses in retirement if I retire before I'm eligible for Medicare what is the best way to cover myself from healthcare costs well guess what Karen have just happens to be certified for that what are some of the most common hobbies for retirees well I know mine's good I mean we know what ours is off the well no that's not mine because you were driving that Gulf is it safe to drive from my investments that are sitting in the stock market should I draw social security immediately if I do not have a pension and retirement now Karen that one we have a social security optimizer yes and also when you put the ages we we have we had somebody this last weekend I did assume call there ten years apart in age so that that when you're figuring the social security on that I can get a little difficult creative yes creative right so we like to you know we like to do a social security optimization we look at the taxes in your retirement what's what's the best way to take distributions Karen is a CPA show help you with that we'll talk about Roth conversions will talk about you know that your appetite for risk and we'll look at the risk in your portfolio so all of those things are included in the retirement blueprint now if you want one we'll get you one complimentary as a radio listener the numbers for six nine four four four thirty nine hundred that's four six nine four four four thirty nine hundred when we come back we're gonna get into the meat of the show so don't go away.

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