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Some of you who live in in unfree places new york were welcoming you today new york city long island if you live in a in an area of new jersey you're listening in new jersey as well abortion has been trouble for you guys up there but you know what it's not here let me tell you who's violating the law here i'm not violating the law if i choose to go to the game and carry mike on on my person while i know that's a shock to you because i can do that and i can certainly have it in my car and if i'm coming from alabama as an out of state resident i could still have it in my car even if i don't have a permit because that's legal here you know who's violating the law mira kisha lance bottoms is violating the state preemption law she tries to tell me i can't and guess what the police chief erica shields atlanta you listening right now she's violating the law not me now me but eight of you are hawkins they don't give a crap do they know but i don't know i don't think i don't know if they're going to go improving just big because i think they know how to go further down open itself up to lawsuits and uh so you know and a two hundred kerry's uh jerry henry told me i interviewed him uh for a bought barred news article and he told me that you know that'd be happy to bring up a suit if they have to yeah yeah the mayor uh decide she's gonna buck preemption and just put some new rule in place but she hasn't indicated that yeah right now it's just gonna be becky big backing they now they now i'm i'm a i'm one of the original first one hundred members charter amount proud said at georgia carrying you know the work they do you've worked with them and i believe you remember too you've spoken to the organization look i'm proud to be a member of an organization like that among many others as well let's just that's not the only one but intimately familiar with it because i live in the state of georgia in the crossbreed holsters through studios her georgia yet the nice party is george carey has sued them over the airport trying to ban that they won that lawsuit they sued the city before they'll do it again kisha lance bottoms knows that it's nothing but a.

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