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Here's Dan Schwartzman. Thanks, Dad. Lots of action in European football today, starting out Lal IGA as Atletico Madrid gets past the lobby is 2 to 1 on the Luis Suarez score in the 90th minute of Barcelona City Best Wesco one nil in the Premier League. Manchester City moves up to fifth in the league table, the dominating 3 to 1 win over Chelsea Stamford Bridge as city scores all three goals in the first half as Chelsea false date from the table. United States International Zack Steffen, making his first Premier League Starting goal for Man City as Anderson was self isolating, with six city players testing positive for Corona virus. Also the Premier League Leicester City moves up the third in the table to 2 to 1 win it. Newcastle or Bayern Munich stays atop the Bundesliga with the five to win over minds of Russian Norman shuts out Hulseberg to nil in Syria. Ronaldo scores A bracelet event is to afford one victory of Rudin, AZ Ta ra Martinez gets a hattrick and inter Milan 62 whenever Crotona Napoli dominates Cagliari, 4 to 1 well. Atlanta blast US Swallow 5 to 2 NFC East Matchup on going on. Sunday night Football is the 68 Washington football team is on the road at the 4 10 and 1 ft off Eagles as Washington will clinch the division head to the playoffs of the win. Meanwhile, the Ravens have clinched a playoff berth. The 38 to 3 win over the Bangles for the Giants have knocked off the Cowboys 23 to 19 meeting. New York will win the NFC East. Washington loses the Eagles tonight. Elsewhere, the Patriots beat the Jets 28 to 14. Scan. Nunes throws for three touchdowns on Dan Sportsmen that your Bloomberg World Sports Update markets headlines and breaking NEWS 24 hours a day at Bloomberg, calm the Bloomberg business APP and a Bloomberg Quick. Take Thies. He's a Bloomberg business flash. Well, a very good morning to you 13 minutes.

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