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That game winner on me in LA. What did it talk? The glass. Impossible. Saw that audio courtesy of sun sports, and you can go check out the audio right now or the video right now at ESPN dot com. Because it is directly similar of great defense being played on Kobe Bryant, Dwayne Wade was right there in Kobe's Grillini banked in a top a top of the key three to win a game to beat the heat ten years ago back in two thousand nine so twain Wade dipping back in the memories to to recall that and saying he brings out the mob mentality that was a fun moments in last night's NBA. And then also a story coming out of the NBA last night where especially with everything that's transpired at the all star game with Dwayne Wade and Dirk Nowitzki being special all-stars were they were late additions, and they ended up being on the all star rosters. But while it has made a perfectly clear that this is going to be his final season. And he's getting the farewell tributes doing the the farewell tour Dirk has not ruled out returning twenty. Second season. And he's been starting produced eleven points, five rebounds, three assists in twenty two minutes in their one ten one zero one victory over the Pacers. And said that he wants to be there for the young guys for one more year. That's of course, Luca Danni catch their trade for Kristaps Porzingis. So he wants to be around for those guys next year started off with some injuries saying he's starting to feel better. And we've seen the farewell tributes for Dirk. The other night Doc Rivers for the clippers calling a time out. So the clipper fans can give the tribute to ski while he was out on the floor. But that might not be it. It's not going to be a decision that he's going to make this year. He'll wait until the off season decide what he wants to do if he wants to play when he's forty one years getting missed the first twenty six games this year because he an inflamed tendon in his left foot. He was related to surgery that he had those things are going to creep up and pop up when you're a little bit older. But maybe Dirk not quite done yet. Among the wild things that happened in the NBA last night. Oh, and by the way, trae Hong just continuing the ball out for Atlanta as the hawks defeated Minnesota one thirty one one twenty three and overtime young man, thirty six points and tennis cysts in that victory. ESPN radio is presented by progressive insurance. Pick from a range of coverage options with the name your price tool to find a price that works for you. A ring in his pocket in an open market now in front of them. Where is Nick foles going to land? That's coming up next. This is first and last on ESPN radio and the ESPN app. We've decided to like.

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