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And so the Giants were stuck in a position where they've got a few guys seemingly carrying this team. Mikey Stransky O P. S still over 1000 Alex Dickerson o PS despite going over four. On Wednesday evening. 8 50 for Donovan Solano, PS 1.68 Evan Longoria. 8 92 Brandon Belt helped his cause. He got up to 80 80 with a big night on Wednesday. The three run home run the double. The Giants really needed that from Brandon Belt, because I've still got a lot of question marks about this team six and seven. Logan Webb has been the saving grace for this pitching staff. For whatever reason, they won't name Trevor got the closer even though he looks totally capable of filling that role. And so the giants for Trust in this situation where a few guys were performing for a few days, and a few guys have not performed it all. And unfortunately for Farhaan Zaidi, two of those guys Jalen Davis and Mauricio Dubon Or his big acquisitions at the 2019 trade deadline. So Mikey Stransky begins to falter if Donovan Solano comes back to Earth They're going to be a lot of questions about the direction of this Giants team because, remember So many of those prospects that the Giants were so thrilled about Joey Barton, Marco Luciano Elliot Ramos. You're Bobby Evans guys. So the heat is going to be on if the Giants don't begin to figure this thing out. And begin to play more consistent baseball. Got one more in Colorado, Tyler Anderson against Kyle Free Land on Thursday, 12 11th pitch right here on the leader, three in Los Angeles and three in Houston, in what is expected to be and what has already been an exceedingly difficult road trip when we come back Introduce Mark and Mac Mark Willard. Filling in for Brian Murphy on this fine Thursday morning. Also talk about the PGA Championship out of my home course. Harding Park. I guarantee you. There is not a sports media professional in this country who lives closer to Harding Park, then Ideo. I could walk over to the parking lot right now. I'm Carrie Crowley filling in for Adam Copeland here on the leadoff spot. Your listened can be our can be RFM, San Francisco, the sports leader. We are 10456 80 The sports leader, T. Mobile and Sprint.

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