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Dowd so here and we are back to all beer inside the seasonings recording from Cassa di Nona live to tate. I end your supreme ruler Killer Carpe Diem along with my why panel or what would latkes lackey's Tristesse along Akis but like he shoots Kurt time timber aw yeah that's starting. I guess my director of racial relations and Video Games we have Phil Racial Director Tur- of drunk and invading Chinese culture because he's married to a Chinese woman see money and director of weight loss to nominal Mr also we lost weight loss the numbers domino domino no and as we done every episode one <hes> we're doing tastings usual not as per usual just as Utah. I like ask her so I assigned beer starts to myself. Mixmaster Valence E-MONEY misruled school has been reprieved this week for his taste of Vermont's three episodes that was two years yeah. It was three straight years achievable so I assigned money. Couple styles unfortunately could make it into a beer store because he's got laser eyeballs now so I ended up picking up the beers we're starting with both see money styles thank you the first one was a blonde or golden lager. I assign him and I got from the ACIDY. Voted rose from CONNEC. Check we go hell hell. It's it's like a Health Margaret. Missing the ails angels okay so ultimate effort to create a Pale lager. The hell is the Quinta sense of Bavaria Craftsmanship of brewing beer that started three thousand years ago is calm summer yeah yeah I'd Miss Site Avocado develop Senate randomly newly developed in response to the overwhelming popularity that the checks pills were received in Germany since its invention in eighteen forty two by Joseph girl check's pills ner in Germany received achieved in Germany so maybe move from the checks Germany's celebrate however took another fifty years before the Vinyl Vinyl version of hell was brewed commercially for the first time in eighteen ninety four by the spot in brewery Pale blonde lager multi indelicate with generous and persistent head nose or upfront bitterness and a dry finish with a lingering noble aroma coming. Dr Towel is Bruce Ingredient Quality German malts and hops with traditional brewing methods to recreate this style in his purest expression Jordan. It is coming in at five A._B.. With twenty five I._B.. You draw smells synchronous no smelling. I heard it around the table. It smells tena smells really good. Actually that was I was expecting no significant taste of anything really. It's not bad I should really clean beer and I was adjective was looking for clean you simply now. No I said no significant take it like it actually smelling and tasting because sometimes it's it's not both Mexican very easy to drink. I have to admit I'm glad I picked this up this water while they knew it was a little thing at the end the piss water the now the Piss the water the bitterness Oh at the end of this over there. There's a limit bitterness that is there but because usually blondes are not hoppy correct. No No. That's just less hops baritone disturb the guy who picked up the the beers. I have to admit when I was at the store last night after attending the the Cabana on Wellington yes it might teleported residents Bobby's Florida from these arts unknown. That's that's pretty smooth all around. Give it a five okay. I'M GONNA give it a three point. Fives wealth like I said Mason Jason Clean I would love to like have access to this swell next summer when applying all upset but yeah I'm a three point five Phil same very clean beer smooth taste. They're gonNA complain about Israel very easy to drink. I agree with the clean adjective to little hoppy for my taste though not huge fan too much ops. I will give you two point five all drop. You don't even know what the the Scotsman from Braveheart digging before listening is new podcast another beer podcast air talking about they're talking to brew at Chevelle Loesch and Sad. When of questions is what you guilty pleasure beer or beer eleven happy cycle bureau never fully drink budweiser? He's like because it's brute so consistently the perfect pallet cleanser <unk> method fitted unlike all at so mean. Let's let's doesn't really defend itself. It kicked right to the swimming money that yeah that'll get no not if I can charge you six or seven bucks for bottled water and you pay. I'm Carol might be Lego but do you think the crab beret industry and the Internet now. Do you think it's slowly kill big name brands now because they name brands are buying up the smallest name brands <unk> states like buds sales gone mad significantly now on who was it they bought in the states. It's Fuck Budweiser Pot. A craft brews pretty popular states for a billion dollars remember. This is still a slightly newer millier. Let's call it right Craft Beers. It's only been around for maybe a decade give or take the popularity. It is right now. Yes I mean technically crap is been around at the eighty. No I know I know what I mean like diary. It's really in the last decade or so so I think once I think there's the large mass of the population especially in the states that they're still comfortable with their mass-produce mass-produce ship year the deer the always drank and it's it's the super bowl beer. It's you know it means something to them. You won't see bose commercial about imposing knickers bill stat but twenty eight okay your number. The to also see money beer that carpet and selected hops. I signed him a berliner vice of Germans out. It's called Berliner Dragon advice by Vanessa Dunham letter was that we've had done before. I believe we have a Berliner Valles's brewed with some Rye and then age for a couple of weeks in barrels with dragon fruits fresh sour bright fruity aromas is with a pink Hue. It is highly dribble offering coming in at four point two eight with no I._B.. You like strength plus. I can fire more rhythm pink then again up at the light. It is a bit wore pink that sentiment fuck off now. That's that's dragging dragon food and maybe Islamic tart tart but not to sour the red dragon fruit so I can't really compare it as good. I thought it this is a pretty refreshing summer beer tasting anything we'll see water. I guess if it's like an stuck stuck barrel with sobrie awry stuff. It's angry of it so you're so pissed off at US beer for bragging through barrels roy like an old man is seen some shit yeah okay yeah I enjoy this very much. I could see myself drinking many of these than being four point to be in trouble after a few of the large volumes that they come in seven hundred milliliter bottle yet. I'm a four for this bill. Also Ford is like juice both taste the alcohol barely this Rothko extremely easy to drink. I am a huge fan of sours. It is not overly overpowers to vinegar or whatever it's very very nice even a four point five Simoni. I think it might have been last show where I made a reference to a San on Pellegrino drink her beer that we had this is basically again very similar to assign pal but like the obviously not raspberry but in that vicinity so it's <hes> it smooths good for a smooth move operator that little bit of phys and kick to it there's somewhat owner of our all ride. He wants to keep some of the breakfast. You're like you're starving.

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