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Affordable to live here and so we know that teachers are using that in both midland down. Odessa and I'm excited to see the results but again maybe that's something that needs to be ongoing fantastic. Thank you so much for your hard work in pouring into our community. What is your favorite thing about living in the basin for the past year? Oh my goodness We have had the best time. I don't know the barbecue here is over the top little different than Colorado different. I tell my friends. You don't even know what barbecues until you come down here so true but honestly it's really what you hit on earlier. We feel like we've known some of our friends that we've met in the past year for all of our lives and we just the Camaraderie and the spirit down here is unlike anywhere that we've seen and we love to be part of it and we really feed off the energy of the folks down here and the pride that they have and so it's been pretty amazing Pantano. Well we're so glad you're here and I know last time I probably asked you this because I always love to know what people are reading or listening to. Do you have a favorite book or podcast that you're listening to right now? You know right now. I'm reading a book and Gosh Darn it and it's Oh I don't know it feels like it's about a foot thick but it's about the the history and the heritage of West Texas Fan. Yeah and about how the all the various industries all just hasn't been oil and gas all the time right talks a lot about agriculture in the history of the area and now they put me on the spot. I cannot spit out the name. But it's it's like well I'll just google best book that's think about West Texas. It'll come up but I love that you're learning more about West Texas because I think it is important when you move somewhere to dive into the culture and to learn the history and we do always have people that are moving in and out of the basin and as many who have been through booms and busts around here now that if we're in a downturn now we argosy things turn around and it's going to go back up so new people will be moving back into the basin and I love that you are still learning about what makes it so great here. I think that's fantastic. What's the most important lesson you have learned? Maybe in it doesn't have to necessarily be in the last year being here but in life. I think I've known this for most of my adult life but being down here for your has just really put the exclamation mark on it. And it's it's advice that I give to my kids. I don't know if they listen to it but certainly anybody who asks in. It's it's okay to be uncomfortable and in fact. I think it's important to be uncomfortable as I reflect back on my professional life certainly on my personal the Times where I experienced the most growth was when I was uncomfortable. If we constantly operate our comfort zone we will never truly reach our potential. And I've even though it is uncomfortable. I sometimes when I get uncomfortable. I have to think okay. This is growth. Time this when you're going to grow and it's something that it took me a while to realize but it's absolutely true. It is true. My husband's told that to our kids several times. You have to get comfortable being uncomfortable. Absolutely that can apply to any aspect of your life whether it's in sports if it's in the classroom if it's in the workplace sometimes it's GonNa feel you're GonNa get the butterflies is gonNa feel a little different because you haven't done this before but once you do it you're going to be so glad you did That's it and you're GONNA learn something from it so good advice and your kids should listen. Let me tell them. Sometimes they listen to other right other moms before I I understand. I understand Let's let's just kind of close things out with a reminder of the Permian counts because I think that is so important that everyone does go. Fill out that information. Let's just give one final push? Is there anything we haven't mentioned about it? That you think is so important that you really want all of our listeners. To know two things really number one when we ask people are you going to fill out the census early on we got to interesting common themes back number one was. Oh we're going through a census right now. It's since this year so the basic awareness that this is happening right now needs to increase significantly so yes. We are going through once every ten years since his count as happening right now as we speak number two the other reason people said well. I don't matter I mean if I don't feel my now. If you know plenty of other people will so. I don't matter but there goes if everybody thinks like that then we're GonNa get a significant undercount and so every person in this basin who is here more than fifty percent of the time absolutely matter so I don't want any of your listeners. Or any of anybody here to think that they're that filling out their ballot doesn't matter because it does. That was great. Great information in so true because when you said that I just realized ten years flew by that my ass and to think we we are in another census count. Yeah I mean I feel like it was just yesterday but it wasn't letter and so as so important. Great Information please. Everyone take Tracy's advice go to the Permian counts dot com and Phil this information out. We would love to make sure that we get all the representation. We can here in West Texas. We need it now more than ever and we need each and every one of you to be counted. So Tracy thank you so much. I appreciate you being here. And if we want to let everyone know that of course. Permian strategic partnership is here to stay. You're on social media. You're on facebook. The premium counts as well so just diving. Get that information. See how you can help. And let's continue to support our wonderful community of the Permian Basin and we're all in this together. So let's help each other out and be strong together and go get your senses. Vote counted right now. I cannot say it enough. I feel like now. I'm gonNA tell everybody like everybody. I see if you feel about your son says. That's that's what we need to do. We need to spread that good here of filling out your census so tracy thank you again. I appreciate you thank you for all you do and thank you so much for having me your welcome well. Usually we always announce a community. Mvp At the end of our show. And today I have several community. Mvp's because as you know we are going through something we've never gone through before and we are seeing people step up like in true West Texas fashion as they always do. But I want to share a special. Thank you to our grocery store. Workers Nurses Doctors Educators first responders farmers city government officials who were all working overtime to make sure that our country locally and around the world continue to run a smooth as they can during these uncertain times. If you haven't chance take the time and just thank you. It's that easy. Just walk up to him. Say Thank you so much for all your doing and from all of us here at Permian perspective we appreciate each and every one of you and what you're doing to help during this pandemic special thank you again to Baker Hughes for Sponsoring Permian Perspective as you know. Baker Hughes recently launched a new in reimagined Baker Hughes brand and the as an energy company. They are striving to make energy safer cleaner and more efficient for people on the planet. Thanks again for joining us. I appreciate each and every.

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