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A lot of you got storm damage last night powerful storms powers still out my power is still out there saying it'll probably be eleven tonight or midnight before they turn it back on and i notice that i think there's like nine pflueger ville isd's they're still in school right now and they've got kids at their campuses that are dealing with the power outages they brought in sack lunches for them and they didn't put out a message that vinnie parents wanted to come and pick their kids up they could but yeah they're still dealing with it they said they had a lot of trees that kind of fell over on different power lines and they have to trim away before they can actually get to the power lines to restore its heard reports early during todd and don people saying there was damage to homes that were under construction and a lot of damage in certain parts of pflueger ville and eastern travis county i saw i didn't notice it this morning when i was leaving because everything was dark but this afternoon when i had a little bit of break to go home real quick i noticed just in my neighborhood alone there is probably four or five big trees that were toppled over i know my back fence is kind of pushed down a bed that is i'm gonna have to get that repaired so yeah it did a little bit of damage and it sounded like it last night it was enough to wake me up and then at times fill the wind like shake the house a little bit it was like oh okay yup and boy we really take electricity for granted don't we until it's gone she's tough she can roll with in role resilient ross is in round rock he's got some comments on the us supreme court ruling today seven two siding with the colorado baker who said i will not make a wedding cake celebrating the wedding of two gay men who had been married in massachusetts but lived in colorado and wanted the wedding cake to celebrate their wedding this is ross how are you today russ i just think for instance the other day i was in a convenience.

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