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To call whatever you want auto body man is sixty two years old came from Ivory Coast in Africa we are patients from around the world who come to us this is a man whose merit is three children who was born in Ivory Coast has high blood pressure and the as prostate cancer well we had prostate cancer and this PSA was element of five point five really Gleason six cancer and his doctors elsewhere gave him loop from low from their hormone treatments weather usually and structure this kind of situation don't really help we are high success rate high successor Lupron by the way what is loop runs or want to learn together liberalism medicine takes away a man's testosterone so takes way of sexual feelings of love beetle interactions often the men gains twenty pounds and that's hot flashes and grows browse so obviously most men don't like Lupron very much and this man did not like we brought very much and with Lupron there is zero chance by itself to cure the man so we came here and he heard all the information and again the ads the PSA a five point five that's the blood test postoak challenge in the Gleason score other cancers or microscope is six and he chose our treatment I am such terror that he chose her treatment three years ago and he has been cancer free ever since his PSA is zero his sex life works is your inner life works she is cancer free he is a home run and that's really the opposite of what happens to most men who have radical surgery robotic surgery most men and up with damage to their sexual life and damage to the urinary life and will say the success rate with robotic.

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