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What a great question Jesse David Fox on Alcoholic podcast. This is David Walker. I am joined by my partner in Crime Genome Thomas. We're getting to know a little bit more about Gina in this getting to know writers podcasts. Gina I'm GonNa hit you with more questions. Was We wrap this one up for the day before the break? Ask You about your favorite all-time player in your favorite current player And now once you give me your top three so it could be mixed active Former players who were the three that if your teenage Gina Thomas you're GonNa put a poster of these three guys in your bedroom right next to that poster of new edition I law. I am so old that I guess knew this would work block. New Kids on the block would be. That's really what I had on my wall so top three time. I mean I've just said that. Roddy and Julio are my favorite past and current and I think I'm going to flip John Abraham in there Yeah those are all guys who obviously have played for the team. Since I became a fan I think that that it kind of limits may sound like I've interviewed Mike Ken. Before and I really really like him. Cy considered bad same thing with Jessie Tuggle But I wasn't really following the team when those guys played so I feel like that's disingenuous so I'm gonNA stick with those three guys. It's Abraham. I really liked that one because I feel like especially nowadays with this current Falcons team. We don't have that premier edge rusher since ABE was here right and it's easy to forget. Just how good. He was passed. But yes now. Granted the saints when he was here not GonNa Save William More would-be honorable mention. It's en it's all because of his William. Oh always read a rap like that. That alone was almost enough to sneak him into the top three. But I'M GONNA Save William. Oh my honorable mention. I like it I think he he always ends up on. Falcons highlights highlight reels with Z. Suplex body slam rams player when he hit like a truck. And I I if if I can add another honorable mention it's going to be Michael Turner and I will forever love him for literally throwing Eric. Rams into a defender making him block disgusting and amazing. It was hilarious. I loved it so okay so there. I've named enough players now. I'm bent the rules for this question. Our rules are sort of hazy. Best a flip the script a little bit. We've talked about players. Obviously those are the guys everyone thinks about. But I think that Falcons have actually had some colorful coaches over the end. Some very interesting coaches Obviously Dave mentioned Dan Reeves and his time here We've had Jim Mora by during no Mike Smith arguably helped turn this franchise around in two thousand eight. And we've got now Dan Quinn who I think you know despite the struggles has been seen as one of the most personal coaches so for you and I think this is interesting too because you've actually gotten to know two of these men at some level who the in your mind is the your favorite falcons coach. They don't even have to not favorite from a success standpoint or anything of that but just you know your own like you've liked to see these guys they resonate with you. Who is WHO's at the top of your list with Elkins someone to talk through this a little bit to explain it and I would say I spent an afternoon watching the early games last game in the Georgia. Dome prior to that But one against the saints. I watched that game. The early games lifting in Raves and his wife and I it was some four event and I was interviewing him and did some camera stuff for Ford with that and I just I absolutely loved him at we sat. I watched the cowboys. The cowboys were playing the eagles that day and so I sat and watched cowboys game with him and he was like asking me questions about it and talking to me like I was a person not some clueless lament which you'd be surprised especially with older. You probably wouldn't be surprised. Especially with older coaches. They kind of assume it's like you know Okay Sweetie so cute that you think you know about football by reince. Did Not talk to me like that. He talked to me like somebody that he expected. New the game because I work in the field and I just learned a lot from him like he. He is awesome. He is I can tell just from the afternoon that he's an incredible coach. Mike Smith is a very nice man and I like him very much but I guess I really have to go Sam clan. I know that this may not be a popular answer for a lot of Falcon stance. I Know Quinn pretty well and for the past couple of years especially as I started getting promoted at SP nation. You know Dan makes appoint coming talks me asking me about my job. We have a lot of conversations about effective leadership and mentoring people and you know helping to get the best out of people who report to you and so just from that perspective. I think that that's really Dan Strength. And I think that that's part of the reason that we saw the players rally behind him After the bye this year and so I have to say that he is the one that I have the best relationship with. And it's really because he you know he takes the time to actually care what is going on in my life and like talks to me about things that are relevant to me. I just he is a very genuine person and very easy to talk to. Yeah I always get a little frustrated because sometimes you know the interactions. We have with People who are fans of the team. They tend to have this impression of Dan. Quinn when they talk about his catchphrases in his energy in you know certainly when the team is winning. They're all about it but now that the team is has been struggling to pass two years. They sort of slammed him for being. This raw guy is if he's fake artificial and at least in my limited interactions have been camp a few times with you. You can tell this is legitimately who he is. There is no front. There's no faking. This man is he's just he's positive he cares about people. He has a legitimately good man. I want to see him succeed in Atlanta. Because of that. Because we've seen some bad coaches here and I know you and I have talked about that in the past. Just that he is legitimately a caring person like he. He does not have to come up to you like there's no cameras rolling. None of that's going on but he does. He checks in on on people randomly because he is just a good good personnel at the core Add want people to hear that because I feel like this season. If it doesn't go perfectly he is going to get burned alive and you know that's part of the NFL. It's not in this surprise but I don't want it to turn into a bashing him as a person because I do not think that that's fair. No I agree and yeah the. Nfl is not for long. Everybody knows that so. Dan will eventually make an exit You know if like you said if they don't trumping seasonable be sooner rather than later. But Dan Quinn will leave this franchise better than he found it All right let's talk about. This is interesting because they've had some pretty interesting zone. What you have to say here but One of the other things we get to see writing about this team is sort of under hyped players guys. Maybe that swept under the radar. And don't get the respect. They deserve and sometimes the opposite where fans get like religiously zealous about thinking this person's neck superstar in it doesn't turn out so in your mind. Let's start with the first. Who is the most underrated Falcon in recent years? Where maybe the fans didn't appreciate his much or whatever. Yeah he just didn't get the credit he deserved. It's Matt Ryan. I think it's it's absolutely Matt Ryan. I don't know why people say he has a noodle arm. I don't know why. They say that he can't win. The big game you know. They act like they're twenty two people Well actually thirty three. If you're counting special teams. You know who are responsible for the outcome of game. I mean Matt has been known to make some boneheaded mistakes like every quarterback does but he has been extremely extremely good for the Falcons. I mean he is exactly the kind of guy that you want us a franchise quarterback and I really don't think that fans appreciate that enough. I think that they I mean people act like quarterbacks grow on trees you know look around the league some of these teams that have been AC with quarterback decision and look at the positions that are in So yeah I think you know it. It probably sounds ridiculous because obviously he's paid very well. You know he is a he is. He's a a you know top tier player but I don't think that fans fully appreciate how his talent and what he's done for this team i. It's funny because I feel like you know. Two Thousand Sixteen. A lot of his critics were silenced. even two thousand seventeen. They started to come out a little bit but that season was so fluky and he still played really well and in two thousand eighteen. Put up numbers that were similar to two thousand sixteen. Which is mind boggling? When you think about it and I feel like last year. Two Thousand Nineteen. Some of his critics came trotting out of their rooms and they were kind of puffing up their chests because the interceptions in the rough start to the season. So yeah I think you're probably right. I think there's a long list but I think Desma True Font certainly fell on that list I agree with that. One too yeah So on the flip side who is a player or maybe players or position or something you think has been consistently overrated by fans where you're like. I don't get it I don't see why the excitement's there well I don't think any of us knew at the time but I'd say that Ray Edwards may have turned out even most overrated. Fire that they. They signed an instagram model underwear model. Oh my God forbid. He couldn't even make it through a full season. I mean that's I was so that they landed him. I was so excited and I was so ready for him to just come in and rip shit up and then now he was absolutely terrible. So yeah that was a stunning stunning David talked we. I think we settled on any training camp wide receiver. Oh Gosh yeah or Jonathan Masekela. He's Donovan Mask. While remember when everybody was so mad that they weren't playing him. I was on that list. Yeah but that was also at the time where we literally had nobody so it was like. Hey we made out. We may as well throw garbage out there. Even the burning garbage via speedy reading Freddie Martino a bunch of guys who went on the play for the Bucks Man. The bucks is like the. Nfl's island toys for the Falcons. Oh my God really a bunch of retreads. Yes that's hysterical. They're Atlanta Atlanta south. The most gratifying win in your time watching her cheering for this team. So it has to be a falcons when correct okay. Because if not I was going to say I was going to rank them in order like Minnesota Miracle. Okay so I would say in that in that. Same Vein There too that combine mediates minds a couple years ago. I think that it was the super bowl season but it might have been two thousand seventeen..

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