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The holiday starts now right i work party has begun hopefully ah you're not doing actual work at this point and if you are an actual work please try to look the part that don't actually back the part just have fun with us yeah i mean really everybody's seeming gone i promise you feel in this office everybody will be gone in all of like an hour and a half you know though you might as well get started right now just look allied a call everybody before leaving now they're gonna get in trouble no at they'll be dismissed he should say putting really yes saw them dismissed by by you are you ready for some de bags i am okay here we go after the present rolled in ninety two i didn't say food i said seabeds my bag okay i'm giving it to nordstrom knowing taylor i'm sorry we can you please click on this thing look at what they're trying to sell strum can i tell you though you can tell me anything hell is what it is after i tell you this yeah so basically nordstrom is selling an item a government if you will call the ts shirt dress and the tshirt dresses just that it is a long teeshirt it is it goes to it's like a maxi maxidresses and i'm beset making it sound moderately q when i say this well stretch the white house is a white teeshirt it looks like okay i have children and when they were like two we've sitting it was so cute to put my husband's undershirts on them and let them run around here because they were long and they were you know that's what it looks like but for an adult so it looks like if you're an adult and you're wearing your dad's teat dirty haines tshirt and you're a two year old mirren dolled yeah but lot like longer okay so ugly right ugly how much would you pay for something like that how much what i pay for something we gotta nine ninety nine insides say a solid i would go up to nineteen on you know hey 1999 would you pay one thousand fourteen dollars ninety cents an away at.

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