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Here i am sitting in a car with my partner in podcasting crime emory severinsen we just talked to shane korea for several hours he has so many hours we're sort of giddy because we've just been through this emotional intense experience of listening to the life story of this guy shane and we're still trying to wrap our heads around it we found chain on read it and like so many of the stories you find on the internet his story is almost unbelievable part of me still does not believe his story that's how crazy it is to me shane's crazy story involves a grisly crime jehovah's witnesses abuse escape and a turtle who has lived through it all and we know shane story is true because he is super organized he has this folder and it has basically every important document that matters in his entire life story this was my survival pack this letter sized yeah like the forty in style document holder and like if there's ever firearm grabbing this what's in here now like my medical immunizations my passport my my high school working papers legal documents charges in psych evaluations from the divorce police records from both incidents with my dad more police reports articles when i was working shane's folder of stuff is like the only thing in his life story that has any level of order the rest is chaos i was angry and pissed and had i only have until morning when when school started for like some normalcy.

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